How do teachers submit teacher recommendations?

<p>In what envolopes do teachers send recommendations? I've been preparing a packet for my teacher including legal business envelopes (the long kind), but that would mean she/he would have to fold the forms.
Is it allowed/or better to have them use 9'x12' envolopes? (No folding)
What do universities usually allow?</p>

<p>Anyone? What size envolopes do we need?</p>

<p>a couple of colleges mailed me applications with pre-addressed envelopes they wanted me to use. Unless they sent you those, id stick w/ the 9 x 12, they just make everyones life easier</p>

<p>SOme university explicitly stated that they require the A4 size envelope for recommedation so i think it would be better for you to stick with that</p>

<p>If the colleges don't say, it doesn't matter!</p>

<p>People need to relax. My kids used business envelopes and I dare say it made no difference to the outcome of their applications. So the recommendations are folded. The applications themselves have to be folded to fit into the envelopes the colleges themselves provide.</p>

<p>9x12 is excessive. Business letters have always been fine with students, teachers, and colleges I know.</p>