How do things change if I am an international?

<p>I've posted these stats before but I forgot to mention that I am not a US citizen however I am in the process of applying for a green card as an adopted child. Am I considered then an international student? Would things be easier or harder for me if I applied to schools as an international with these stats? Please help I am very grateful.</p>

<p>Asian male that lives in houston. I am a senior at the moment. I go to a public school 700+ in my grade.</p>

<p>Rank 58/700+
GPA - 6.3~6.4 on a 7.0 scale, I'm not sure how to convert it until I get a copy of my transcript.
I had to move after freshman year and I was adopted. My grades were really bad freshman year, but improved since then, last semester I had straight A's in all of my classes.</p>

<p>My classes are the hardest that's possible at my school
Schedule this year
Comp Sci II AP
Calculus BC AP
Physics II AP
Biology II AP
English IV AP</p>

<p>Economics AP
Government AP</p>

<p>last year I took 4 AP's
5- psychology
4- english
4- comp sci
3- US history</p>

highest combined - 800 v 780 m
seperate - 800v710m, 710v780m
hoping to retake physics, I am sure I can get an 800, didn't get to study the last time</p>

President of Mu Alpha Theta, math national honor society
President of Math Club
Captain of Math team
Captain of Academic Challenge, a quiz bowl team
President of Computer Science Club
Compete actively in computer science, competed at a state level as first years and got 6th place against veterans
Member of Current Events Club
Member of GIVE, a volunteering club</p>

<p>I don't get to volunteer much outside of school because every weekend I go from my adopted parents house and my birth parents house.</p>

<p>I plan to apply to

<p>Majoring in biology, possibly premed. Please input :(</p>

<p>can someone please help me..?</p>

<p>I don't think you would be considered an international if you are a resident here getting a green card.</p>

<p>You do need to check if you are truly an international. It may well depend on the type of visa you have. Don't know about adoption if you are over 18. If indeed you are considered an international, there may be limits on the numbers admitted from your country of origin. With your stats and your school choices, I don''t think that would be a problem except possibly UT which may have an international quota that may be more stringent. Th other issue you could face is that some of your schools may not be need blind in admissions for internationals. This would come into play if you need financial aid. Also you may not be eligible for state rate for UT tuition. You need to check that out specifically.</p>

<p>thank you very much jamimom</p>