How do we know they received our Midyear reports?

<p>I never realized that WUSTL had a status check service until yesterday and my midyear report was not checked off even though I sent it well over a month ago. They say that it's a required document but waitlisted me anyways. I"m not really concerned with this particular decision but it has given me the feeling that my GC messed up when I asked him to submit my midyear reports. </p>

<p>Most websites with status checkers either went online too early (early Feb) or don't even list the midyear. And those without status checkers haven't contacted me directly for additional documents. (like WUSTL didn't)</p>

<p>Is there anyway to know and is it too late to do something about it?</p>

<p>If you sent the midyear report to Washington University well over a month ago, they should have received it by now. It's possible that it got lost in the mail. You should check the status check service for Washington U. and see if they received your midyear report, or call them or e-mail them if you're concerned. If they haven't received your midyear report and think you're a strong applicant, they would have contacted you. You should contact them about it, since you clearly sent the report.</p>