How do you guys study for SAT1 CR???

i'm a senior having trouble with CR section.
i study vocabs for sentence completion, read NY times, and do practice questions very often.
i'm okay with sentence completion now, but i always get numerous passage questions wrong.. i often misunderstand the author's intent. also, whenever i narrow down the answer to two, i always pick the wrong one.
how do you guys study for CR??
and can you give me any tips???
thank you!!!</p>

<p>Bump...I have the same dilemma.</p>

<p>When you read the passage, try to imagine everything that is going on ,as much as possible. Then, when you go to answer the question, seriously try to predict the answer before you look at the answer choices.</p>

<p>sounds easy lol ... but that kind of advice does not work for people that arent naturally gifted in verbal</p>

<p>I assume he know knows how to read, this is evident by how he reads the ny times, so I he probably gets questions wrong because he picks answers that look right but arent right; so he probably should try to predict answers.</p>

<p>Doing lots of practice tests and getting a feel for the questions is the only way to really improve. It isn't like math where you can memorize all of the concepts that are going to be on the test</p>

<p>smartindian has the good method.</p>

<p>I agree with Smartindian's method too.</p>

<p>thank you. i'll to smartindian's method.</p>

<p>isn't that a bit redundant? smart.. indian...</p>

<p>hahaah nice point roadrunner</p>

<p>haha.. i love indians</p>

<p>That is dumb advise...IMO, not to be mean.</p>

<p>I just read alot, and it worked fine for me :). Try memorizing some vocab too.</p>

<p>i agree with indian's method, i figured it out over the summer, increased my verbal from a lousy 580 to a 720 consistently, couple lessons I learned, first off DO NOT read the questions first, read the passage to its entirity and like smart indian said, try to really understand whats going on and try to visualize the whole story, then when answering the questions, only read the one or two sentences the question is based on, from then on you should honestly be set to go, my score improvement is only because of this new method that honestly works. As for the sentence completions, the vocab cards should be fine, usually sentence completions are you know it or you donts, and if you dont, then DO NOT guess lol, ok yeah, there's my two cents, now im going to go fall asleep without doing any of my ap chem labs and make sure the senioritis virus stays nice, and, "virusy".</p>

<p>~..sorry i tried my best to add some humor.</p>

<p>i have the same problem with CR!! and i always intended to look at the questions before i read becuz im a slow reader, but then found out that the situation was worse cuz i didnt read the passage carefully.</p>

<p>so the blank answers are not counted as wrong answers are they?</p>

<p>i will practice with the advices/methods.. thanks!</p>

<p>I just read.</p>

<p>I'm too busy doing other things to really study a lot..but reading DOES help! Don't study a gazillion vocab. words. I know someone who studied and memorized 3000 over the summer...she forgot them by the 2nd week of school.</p>

<p>Although blank answers are not counted as wrong. But think about it, blank answers detract from total points. In effect, a blank answer is -1, and a wrong answer is -1.25. Usually to have a perfect score, you can have 1 or 2 points below the full marks.</p>