How does having a free period look to top schools? (Ivies etc)

<p>I've had a rigorous courseload all 3 years, but due to schedule conflicts, I must have a free period this year as a senior. The 5 classes that I am taking are considered non-"BS" APs, but I will have a free period at the end of the day. Usually we have 6 classes, but I'll only have 5 this year.</p>

<p>How bad does this look to top colleges? I know they want applicants to continue their momentum and not slack off senior year. Do you think schedule conflicts are worth mentioning in additional information on apps?</p>

<p>In my opinoin if you have a solid GPA, "great" tests scores, good EC's and a challenging set of courses (which you have) I doubt that having a free period, or as I'd like to call it "Study Hour", will negatively affect you.</p>

<p>My only question is what kind of classes "could" you have taken in place of that free period? Another AP class or a not as important elective credit?</p>

<p>The classes that I can take for the free period include an AP that I have already self-studied a five in, and prep classes which would lower my GPA and rank (which is currently teetering between 1 and 2).</p>

<p>Than I'd say you don't need to worry at all. If they were to bring this to attention during an interview just tell them what you told me just now and I doubt they will give you much grief given the circumstances.</p>

<p>Also I just want to reiterate that this is only my opinion and I am no expert on college admissions.</p>

<p> halls don't show up on your transcript. Lol how would a college know if you had one?</p>

<p>Thanks BabyRudy. Do you think it would be worth mentioning in the Additional Information section of college applications?</p>

<p>Elbeeen, colleges can see that I have less courses this year than I've had in previous years.</p>

<p>Ohhh true lol! Well I don't think it'd be TOO big of a problem since you have such a challenging courseload. Don't sweat it!</p>

<p>No problem, and I'd say don't bother writining it into the additional information section as this small detail is just that, small, and not a big "make or break" in regards to being accepted or not.</p>

<p>Like I said, only recognize it if they do during an interview or phone call. Don't sweat it and good luck at getting into your choice college. God knows I am screwed lol</p>

<p>Wait my school normally has 8 classes.
I will be taking 5 AP's( Gov(1st sem), Econ(2nd sem), Chem, Lang&Comp, Calc,) than an Acdec takes up one period. I was planning on having the other two slots free the firs semester to study for my classes ,Because I need raise my rank, and also to write all my college applications and study for one more Subject test.Also i want to spend the time to study for Acdec because our teacher is expecting us to actually advance past regional s which our school has never done.</p>

<p>I could take AP french, but 3 years of french have killed me. I don't even recall much.</p>

<p>Any advise</p>

<p>Aw... officially hijacked. :P<br>
Thanks so much BabyRudy, good luck to you in this god-damned process to higher learning as well. >.<</p>

<p>eh. I have a free period every other day next year (due to scheduling problems), and I don't intend to explain it anywhere. Will be a nice time to get a head start on homework :) Basically, colleges won't care.</p>

<p>What the heck, some of you have 8 classes in a day? How does that even work? How long are your classes/schoolday?</p>

<p>We only have 5 classes a day, and 6 is really pushing it.</p>

<p>We have 4 classes a day. And I still took a free period.</p>

<p>It makes you look human, of course.</p>

<p>Free periods are not on your transcript. I would not even mention it. If it comes up in an interview you can explain it then. You other option is to see if you can get your free period scheduled at the end of the day and use that time to pursue your passion if you have one. Or you could use it for volunteer work or a job.</p>

<p>Colleges don't look at your schedule, they look at your transcript. Unless you get A's for free-periods or study hall, they won't know. Just make sure you meet their years of classes requirements (3 years math, 4 years english, 3 years science, etc.)</p>

<p>Honestly, that sounds like a fantastic idea, especially considering that the rest of your load is heavy and legitimate. Take all the study time you can get--if my school offered study halls, I'd jump at the opportunity.</p>

<p>I'm in a similar situation - taking an off period at the end of the day so I can work a part-time job. When I asked about this at Yale, the senior I spoke with told me not to worry about it. If anything, he said, having an off period and doing something useful with it will look better than taking a fluff course. (It is assumed, of course, that you have an otherwise rigorous transcript.)</p>

<p>My senior year I took off one period in the fall and two in the spring (I was only at school from about 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.). However, I still took 5 APs over the course of the year, and even though I was basically just hanging out with friends during the free periods I still had a a rigorous transcript and I got into two of those Ivies you are talking about.</p>