How exactly should I do this?

<p>This is for the Stanford Online App:</p>

<p>So I'm retaking the SAT I in October and taking 2-3 SAT II's in November (including one retake). Should I even mention SAT and SAT II scores on the Form 1 on the Online Application and just check "I will be taking..." and then send scores? I figure that that way they will just add my hopefully improved scores and no mess up will occur. I really want to move on to Form 2 so....</p>

<p>I posted this in the Stanford Forum but its so dead...</p>

<p>Since SAT I and II scores are required, you should write down the ones you already have (unless they're abysmal and you're positive you will do much better in October/November). I think it's fine to make a note anywhere if possible that you'll be retaking (I'm not sure if you have space, not familiar with stanford's app).</p>

<p>Either way when you register for the Oct/Nov tests, make sure you have them automatically sent to Stanford. They'll be put into your file there. Someone else should correct me if I'm wrong, but it might be a good idea to email the admissions office and let them know you have new scores afterward too.</p>