How good is this recommendation for ivy schools?

<p>How good of a recommendation if part of the letter (20%) said that i was extremely hard working? The rest talks about how motivated, intellectually curious, some specific stuff (blah blah blah, I think that parts fine). But will saying that i'm hard working hurt me? I heard somewhere that it was frowned upon, but my I am number one in my class (for now, out of ~400 students) and I have above 2300 SAT and 800s SAT II. </p>

<p>I am genuinely worried. This is a serious question!</p>

<p>, a better rec. letter would say that you're a slacker who has never worked a day in your life. Of COURSE it's better to say that you're hard-working.</p>


<p>Saying you're hard-working certainly won't hurt you. You're recommendation just sounds like a generic one that most ivy-league applicants will have.</p>

<p>Hoho, good one! You almost had me thinking you were serious for a second OP!</p>