how good is umich fin. aid?

<p>I know it's taken me a while to figure out whether or not I should apply to umich, but now I'm pretty sure that I do want to. The only that is holding me back is my mom, who doesn't want me to apply out of state because she can't afford it. I live in California, and i have two brothers who are at a Cal State. I'm pretty sure I can get in to umich, but do you think it's likely that I can get a decent scholarship? My umich GPA is about a 3.8, and I got a 28 Composite on the ACT</p>

<p>in order to get a scholarship you need at least a 3.9 and 30+ ACT, i don't think you would qualify but you have an OK shot at getting admitted</p>

<p>isn't that just merit scholarships? is that just the avg. or the actual cutoff</p>

<p>what about need based?</p>

<p>Need based is known to be good for in-staters only, but I got a very good package for out-of-state. I guess it depends.</p>

<p>Not very good for out of state students! i just got my fin aid and it was horrible!!!</p>

<p>Statistically speaking, Michigan meets 100% of demonstrated need for In staters and roughly 85%-90% of demonstrated need for out-ot-staters. So I wouldn't say Michigan is horrible when it comes to need based aid for out of staters, but they can definitely do better...and they are trying hard.</p>

<p>do you think it's worth it to even waste money for the app fee then? that is if i'm not even going to get a decent scholarship, if any?</p>

<p>i guess i might just stick with ucla and take advantage of my instate fees..even though it would be awesome to go across the country for college</p>

<p>I take it you come from a single-parent home since you only mention your mom. And from the content of your first post, it seems like you come from a mid-income home and have two siblings. If that is the case, I'd say go ahead and apply to Michigan as you would probably get a significant need-based package.</p>

<p>But don't assume you can get into Michigan, unless you are an URM. Given your stats, I'd say Michigan is a slight reach or a match at best.</p>

<p>You should still apply to Michigan.</p>

<p>You never know if you'll get in with a fantastic financial aid package.</p>

<p>i am african american...and actually i live with my dad too, but he doesn't mind me applying and just wants me to know that we probably can't afford it.</p>

<p>my dad works too. but the thing is that he had open-heart surgery about a year ago and that affected his employment because he has a plumbing company in which he's the only employee. So he had to miss about 6 months of work and my mom doesn't make as much as he does, so we owe 50-60,000 to the IRS + credit card debt. and so my parent's credit score is down the drain and that leaves little option for taking out huge loans</p>

<p>Well, that changes things quite a bit. Well qualified URMs generally have a good chance of getting in, so I'd say Michigan is a match, possibly even a safe match for you. As for aid, Michigan is a hit or miss, you just have to apply, fill in the financial aid forms properly and hope for the best. But don't sit on it. Apply as soon as possible.</p>

<p>are my chances for financial aid significantly higher just because i'm an urm? </p>

<p>i'm going to go for it.</p>

<p>I am not sure that the odds of getting financial aid are better...but the odds of getting in are better.</p>

<p>fair enough...for me at least</p>


<p>Your chances of getting in are only going to be better for 2 more weeks. I've seen URMs get fantastic scholarships in-state, who don't even present stats above average. I don't know how it is OOS though.</p>

<p>i had and instate URM friend that had a 26 ACT and got a full tution scholarship... good luck!</p>