How good would this look for college?

<p>My math grades over my high school career.....</p>

<p>straight C's fresh and soph year
97 both semesters Precalc Jr year(won math award)(2nd semester got perfect/above on all but one)</p>

<p>I have the chance to skip into BC calc if I take calc A over the summer. How good would it look in terms of improvement if I actually do it? If I don't take calc A I will just take AB calc which should be pretty easy and I would end up taking APB instead of APC. I also would spend the summer doing sat prep...</p>

<p>I am not sure whether or not I should try to skip up......</p>

<p>The earlier grades give me pause. The concepts of geometry aren't particularly useful, but the method of thinking it teaches is important for math. If you're doing it just for college, I'd advise against it. Self-teaching calculus doesn't sound like a recipe for success unless math is your passion. Otherwise, work hard in your area of interest.</p>

<p>I agree with Uroogla.</p>