How have some people heard already??

<p>I have seen several posts from people saying they got into Brown and other ivy's etc. I was wondering how they heard before the official ED dates?</p>

<p>3 possibilities:</p>

<p>1) they are Likely Letter holders, normally top recruited athlete. In fact thay aren’t officially admitted yet but almost as good</p>

<p>2) the are imposters. Yearly, you hear of kids trying to pull this off. Rather sad, really.</p>

<p>3) some schools are really jumping the gun w/announcing decisions (unlikely)</p>

<p>4) Several state schools have posted decisions already, especially if they are on rolling admissions or had a Nov. 1 or Nov. 15 early action. For students capable of seriously applying for an Ivy or similar school, they may use these schools as a safety.</p>

<p>They are probably Questbridge matched students. QuestBridge is a non-profit program that “matches” high-achieving low-income students with partner colleges for full 4 year scholarships. Depending on the school, the QB application process sometimes has a separate timeline from other applicants to the same schools.</p>

<p>Aha: forgot about those posted by Snowflake and griffen. Thanx for the correction!</p>