How important is AP foreign language?

<p>Last year I decided to not take AP foreign language my senior year so that-- 1. I wouldn't have to waste my time in a class I don't like, 2. I could explore my interests in other areas. An easier course load was a factor, but I'm still taking 4 APs so it's not like I'm completely slacking off.
I'm starting to question my decision.</p>

<p>Do colleges weigh heavily on having an AP foreign language? Will my decision affect my chances?
Also, I speak another language at home so I'm already bilingual.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input!</p>

<p>Not taking a single AP class isn't going to make/break you. Don't freak. Enjoy your classes.</p>

<p>The AP language can help get you out of a foreign language requirement in college. I wish I took an AP language.</p>

<p>But I really don't think that AP language is a necessity for college admissions. Its not considered that rigorous.</p>

<p>Ivy leagues and other prestigious LAC's expect 3 and recommend 4 years of lang. That's why Im staying in spanish 4 -_- ...if you are billingual take the SAT subject test and get a good score (700+) to show them! that will suffice im sure</p>