How in depth should the description of activites on my resume for colleges be?

I am planning on attaching a resume to my application that explains the details of my more important extracurricular activities. Does 6 pages double spaced seem too long for such a resume? If so, what is a more reasonable length? I have about 5 activites that I want to talk about in-depth. I’m worried that if the resume is too long, the admissions officers will just glance over it rather than reading it carefully. Thanks for your comments.

<p>Where are you applying to? If you're applying to a college that receives thousands of apps, then yes, the ad coms will most likely glance over it.</p>

<p>keep it on a sheet, i can't see it taking more then a paragraph or two to explain each activity. Wait...I just saw that you have 6 pages double spaced. Thats a bit too long...maybe you ought to try and get it down to 2 paragraphs? And if you use the common app, try and keep the same format. Unless the college asks you to write about activities or something.</p>

<p>Where are you applying to? And what type of activities are they? I think those two things determine what type of resume you should send.</p>

<p>yo ronaldo dont listen to that...dont sell yourself short...keep the descriptions as long as u need to...cut out useless sentences...but dont leave important things out just to make it a page. What the admissions officer does is not up to u...he might read it all or just glance...but you're job is to provide the info...
mine is 6 pages single spaced...but thats my whole student profile...with awards and work experience too...</p>

<p>btw...dont double space it...u just saved 3 pages</p>

<p>I am planning on applying to UT, Rice, Dartmouth, Swarthmore, Cornell, UPenn and some smaller liberal arts schools.</p>

<p>This all seems like overkill... I mean an adcommittee is not going to want to read six pages about every thing for which you've ever been rewarded. You should highlight the most major, meaningful things you've done, try to keep it to 500-700 words. If it's 6 pages, I doubt they'll even look at any of it.</p>