How long does it take for standby scores to arrive?

<p>I took the SAT yesterday as a standby. How long will it be until I get to see them? Will they be online with the rest of the scores, or will I have to wait until they come through mail?</p>

<p>u wont get them......ever!</p>

<p>from what I remember, standby scores are available over the phone for a fee ($10 I think?) when regular registers have them online, November 19th. You won't get your scores online however until they're sent out through snail mail.</p>


<p>I took it as standby as well, and you know what? I think we're royally screwed because, firstly, it takes more than month for those scores to arrive, and as far as my knowledge goes, we need a registration number, which we do not have because we are standbys, to call and get our scores. Secondly, to send the standby scores to colleges, we'll need to fill out a form that we have to fax to The Collegeboard in order for them to send the scores off to the designated places. Sucks, no? And, hey, what's your name, Binarystar? Your writing and type of username sound familiar...hahah. Or just tell me this much -- do you live in Venezuela??</p>

<p>No, I don't live in Venezuela.</p>

<p>Anyway, I believe we can get our registration # if we e-mail or call and give them some identifiable information. We all have a registration #, regardless of whether we are standby or not, since all registered test-takers have one. Also, I designated on the registration form I took to the test center to what colleges I want to send my scores, so I think I should be okay. I don't think we are quite screwed.</p>

<p>I stand-by in May to take the SAT II Physics - never got my score. Yesterday I walked in stand-bying again and I feel like sh!t and agree with supernal that we're all royally screwed.</p>

<p>It took me a week later than the usual!! ugh!</p>

<p>arXael, did you call about your May score? or just give up?</p>

<p>maybe they use social security number to match your score to your online account (if you entered a SS#)</p>

<p>When does the CB website show that you even took the test standby?</p>

<p>I need to know about this too.... and im sure many Standby takers do too... can someone give us a solid, confimed answer on how we go about getting our scores and when they arrive?</p>

<p>Well, if you put down a SS number, you can get your scores over the phone, I think. Again, I'm not certain. But, what about those who didn't? When do they get their scores? I know that I'm still waiting for my score report from the SATIIs I took in October, which is just sad. So... I'm begining to have my doubts as to how long it would take scores to come in.</p>

<p>Then again, I haven't received my Oct. score reports either, and I wasn't even a standby. October was just a big mess for the College Board.</p>

<p>Some people have told me that their scores have gone online at the same time as pre-registered people's scores. I hope that's the case; otherwise I'd have to pay $10 to get my scores!</p>

<p>slipstream99, i calleed couple times then i just gave up cuz i think i didnt get my desire score..
to the i-haven't-receive-my-oct-score people, i got mine the night it said it would be online.. hmm weird for you guys
oct-standby people, i had two frd who took standby and both of them receive their score last night online so ya..just keep on bugging CB they said o wells</p>

<p>Lots of people get their score at the same time as everyone else.</p>

<p>Do they go online at the same time as everyone else?</p>

<p>I took the Oct test standby so I can help. I received my scores online about a week later then normal test-takers. If you entered your social security number, I don't see why you won't receive your scores online soon after normal. Oh, and it didn't even say I had taken the test until the night before I received my scores.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that October was a major fiasco for the Collegeboard. I would not use it as a standard for comparison.</p>

<p>Usually, yes, they get them online at the same time as everyone else.</p>

<p>Wow, and I was consigned to the fact that it would be THREE Thursdays!</p>

<p>I got my nov. 6, 2004 test hand scored, when will i get it</p>