How many of you actually got in your first choice school.

<p>Since College Confidential is such a place where all the top students are, I would like to know how many of you CC'ers actually got accepted to your top school.</p>

<p>Just reply Yes or No and say what school it was.</p>


<p>Yes -- Wellesley</p>

<p>No - Caltech</p>

brown plme '12/'16!</p>

<p>Yes. Northwestern</p>

Cornell University:)</p>

<p>Yes, D got into both schools that were tied for her #1 choice; Dartmouth & Williams</p>

<p>I've gotten into every school except my #1 choices (Duke and Columbia)...I have to wait until March to see if I get into those schools...:-&lt;/p>

<p>Yes, Chicago.</p>

<p>Yes, Oberlin!</p>

<p>So 9 out of 10 ppl in college confidential got into their first choice school.</p>

<p>Interesting ...</p>

<p>Yes, Northwestern!</p>

<p>yes, Chicago</p>


<p>Northwestern! :)</p>

<p>S yes Bowdoin</p>

<p>deferred from Cornell so doubtful. I should be alright though. I'll probably either go to Gtech or Northeastern both of which I was accepted too and this will save me some money so I'll be able to afford grad school without debt. (Gtech is public so even out of state is significantly less than cornell is, and Northeastern offered me a 14k scholarship).</p>

<p>Yes. Brown.</p>

<p>Yes. Brandeis!!!<3</p>

<p>No, Princeton.</p>

<p>(--> Chicago)</p>