How many of your friends from Hight School were accepted to UCLA

<p>(To current students and incoming students as well as those who have graduated already)</p>

<p>How many of your friends were accepted to UCLA? How many are actually attending? Does it seem like high school again for many of you guys? I'm OOS by the way.</p>

<p>Is it true that at some top high schools in California as much as 70 students get into UCLA?</p>

<p>my class (class of 2005, ~500 ppl) had about 13 people come here (not sure how many accepted). about the same for berkeley. a handful more are also here now from transfers.</p>

<p>but no, its not high school all over again unless you were all close friends and will hang out together all the time. if they were more just acquaintances, then you'll likely hardly see them at all. maybe run into each other once in a while coming to/from class or maybe in a few classes together if you have same/similar majors.</p>

<p>since you're OOS, i dont think this will be much of an issue for you.</p>

<p>i think about 15ish from my school got accepted to ucla. maybe a bit less.</p>

<p>Were these accepted students the best/smartest in your class?</p>

<p>About 7 or 8 people got accepted to UCLA from my class of 2009, which was total of about 123. About 7 or 8 people got accepted into UC Berkeley as well.</p>

<p>Those that were accepted are considered very smart, they are all at least in the top 10%. All except one girl who got accepted into UCLA for nursing. She did not have the grades, but she had a really good life story and her mother knew people in charge of admissions or something. Then again, I do not know if this girl who got accepted really did get in because she is known for telling lies, but her mom did say she got in. So...take that story for whatever it's worth :)</p>

<p>No, they went to harvard, stanford, dartmouth, etc.</p>

<p>They're bright people tho. About 8 of us here with 25-35 being accepted</p>

<p>Yes. About 60 from my HS this year got into Berkeley/UCLA.</p>

<p>My HS is one of the best in CA at sending our graduates to top schools though.</p>

<p>Out of my HS class (of 2006) I was the only one accepted to UCLA. I went to a fairly poor high school though. However, I have a lot of friends here who went to the two best public schools in CA, and they all hang out in cohorts it seems like.</p>

<p>Two students. and we both came to UCLA from OOS.</p>

<p>My hs sends about 30-40 every year to UCB and UCLA.</p>

<p>Probably six or seven this year? I believe four of us are going to attend UCLA next year...</p>

<p>This year suprised my peers, my high school alumni, and I. I live in a really poor area of SoCal in a not so-good school.</p>

<p>Around 20 people were accepted to UCLA this year, most being around the top 20 and a few from lower ranks. About 11-13 got into Berkeley.</p>

<p>we are a poor public school ranked fifth in our district , and 5 of us got into ucla, 4 of us are going</p>

<p>20-25 students; Poorish high school, not ranked; out of 460 students or something</p>

<p>1 out of 2 that applied. Same with UCB. We are OOS. The guy who submitted his app late and claimed computer issues got into Berkeley, but he really deserved to get in. He ended up at Duke though.</p>

<p>4 or 5, we're OOS.</p>

<p>My senior class is about 640 students. All of the valedictorians and near-valedictorians in my year got in...around 15 to 20 of us. What's weird is that a lot of people got into Berkeley, but were rejected by UCLA.</p>

<p>about 20+ students got accepted, out of 800ish...</p>

<p>I heard this year UCLA is more competitive. None of my friends got into UCLA but some got into UCB...</p>

<p>about 6 (out of 400) got accepted and 4 are going.
ones going to cal poly and the others mormon so you already know where he's going lol.</p>