How many people can we put on "ignore?"

Is there any reason the number of ignores is capped so low? I’ve already reached my max and there are several other posters I’d like to put on ignore.

It looks like you are being ignored…

@guidedbywire, that’s how the software is currently built. I’ll try to see if we can increase the number. Will get back once I have news. Thanks!

@Madison85, I have an update on this issues. I talked with my colleagues and we’ve increased the number of ignores to 25. Hope this helps. Thanks! Appreciate the patience.

Anyone who wants to ignore 25 should probably be on another site!

@ccadmin_sorin thanks, I’ll tell the OP. @guidedbywire

@Miamidap might appreciate this enhancement.

Fantastic. Twenty-five was the number I originally had in mind, actually. (Better to have them and not need them than etc. etc.)

Thanks very much for making this improvement!