How many teacher recs to send?

<p>Right now, I am planning on sending 3 teacher recs (I am applying to top schools). However, I have found that the common app is designed for only 2 teacher recs. Some of my schools only want 1 rec (while none require 3). Should I send all 3 to all my schools? Should I choose a different set of teachers to write recs for each school? Should I tell one of my teachers not to write me one so I would have a total of 2 letters? I am not really sure what the best way to handle this is. Any advice would be appreciated.</p>

<p>I'd send the best two to the schools and the best one to the schools that only want one. Admissions officers generally don't like having to read extra recommendations because then the files get very lengthy and they can't get around to thoroughly reviewing everybody's file. I'd only send an extra recommendation if it's from an important or accomplished person in the community and I know the recommendation will be absolutely stellar, or has some kind of strong connection with the University (and that person isn't a teacher...isn't that what teacher recs are for).</p>

<p>I know Duke has an optional recommendation from anybody you want (in addition to guidance counselor rec and 2 teacher recs).</p>

<p>Well in addition to my 3 teacher recs I am also sending a mentor recommendation to all my colleges. So 4 seems like a lot considering they really only ask for 2.</p>

<p>I'd send in two from the school (a math/sci and a humanities) and the mentor rec, esp if you did cool stuff with your mentor.</p>

<p>Email the schools and ask. My son homeschools, so many schools encourage extra recs. For the record, so far: caltech: 4, U of Chicago:3 (though, I think they missed the fact he homeschools, so he wrote again to clarify), MIT and Harvey Mudd: bring them on! </p>

<p>We went to an info session at Harvey Mudd - someone once sent in 25, including the 5th grade soccer coach. Neither the coach nor the adcom knew why he should be asked to write. We went to a MIT info session last year and they said: send as many as you wish, but if we get one from the mailman we are going to be annoyed.</p>

<p>If you do sent more than the the required amount, make sure they are all different. They dont need another teacher saying what a great student you are, etc.</p>