how many words was your columbia personal essay?

<p>Mines only around 300. is that too short? how many words was yours? did you write in the space provided?</p>

<p>doesn't matter, anywhere from 200 to 1000 is fine</p>

<p>doesn't matter either, as long as it's in there somewhere</p>

<p>alright, thanks.</p>

<p>~630 words</p>

<p>my subject requires a short essay i think. its about going to the supermarket.</p>

<p>499 words, exactly</p>

<p>~680 words</p>

<p>about 600 words</p>

<p>950 exacto.</p>

<p>eight hundred twenty six</p>


<p>I hope that it's not long.</p>

<p>mine is 884 words</p>

<p>mine is 598 words</p>

<p>496 I believe</p>

<p>Mine was 632 words</p>

<p>six hundred something</p>

<p>mine was 696</p>

<p>does it even matter how many words it is?</p>

<p>as long as each word is worthy, nope</p>

<p>470 words.</p>