How much did I screw myself over?

My major decision when deciding where to go to school out of high school was if I wanted to be a journalist or try and work on Wall Street. Sports have been a big part of my life and decided to pursue that avenue (also, I applied to schools where I could swim at before I had a nice drop in time after I had finished applying that would’ve allowed me to swim at more places… to top it off, I chose to pursue other ec’s that didn’t even allow me to swim). With a few exceptions, I probably could’ve been accepted to most schools. I chose Ithaca College because it’s excellent tv and radio stations and small size which allowed freshman to be involved. I realized this fall (sophomore year) that I didn’t want to be a journalist. I was just going to finish out and go to law school, but I wasn’t going to be happy. Over break, I decided that I should transfer and switch to business and pursue Wall Street. However, I messed up and had a GPA drop last semester, which I think severely damaged my chances of getting in. I feel it looks like I cant do well since out of my 5 200-level courses, I’ve had 4 B+'s and 1 B. Whereas I’ve had an 7 A’s and 2 A-'s in 100 level courses. I had a 3.775 cumulative coming into this year. I only had a 3.46 (I’m really upset too because I did something stupid and showed up to one of my classes 4-5 times without ever being absent and my prof subtracted 2.5% off my final grade dropping me from an A- to a B+ which would’ve left me with a 3.62 for the semester). I don’t think the 3.684 would be bad if it was cumulative and I was on the upswing. However, I don’t like applying to schools when it looks like I’m declining. Will that hurt me much, or do you think they’ll give me the benefit of the doubt? I had a strong high school record (minus SATII’s): 4.0 uw, 1st of 400 or 500 kids (depends if you count ones that didn’t graduate, my high school wasn’t very good), 1380 SATI, 660IC, 620Wr, 600USHis. ECs: 10 hrs/semester with tv and radio activities (nice variety too), Vice Chair of IC Republicans, Student in Free Enterprise (just joined this semester), YMCA Long Course National Qualifier (I did it this past summer and in high school too, had an approx 10 hour/week workout plan that I kept myself on that still let me be involved in my tv/radio ecs that kept me too busy to actually join the swim team). Also did soccer, swimming, and track in high school. And had a lead (Iago in Othello) in a school play (even though HS stuff doesn’t matter that much, I’m hoping they’ll see this past semester as a fluke do to my past record). Basically I’m just upset that I probably could’ve gotten into most of my desired schools had I applied for Fall 04 or Spring 05 and that I messed up this past semester.

Schools that I’m looking at (and you don’t need to go through each one and tell me my chances, this is just for reference to show the caliber of schools) I’m applying directly to business programs where possible: NYU, Virginia, UNC, Michigan, Emory, WashU, Wake Forest, Penn (don’t expect to get in, but I have a couple alumni writing me rec letters so what the heck).

<p>1) If you want to be a journalist, you should learn where the 'return' key is..and use it.</p>

<p>2) Your questions are not totally clear (another journalist no-no)</p>

<p>3) Your high school record is of little consequence now. If anything it will serve to hurt you because of the downward trend in your GPA.</p>

<p>The bottom line is that you screwed up and you know you did. Now you need to work on making it better. You are obviously smart, but I suspect undisciplined. If you want to prove yourself to possible law schools are other grad schools you need to turn things around.</p>

<p>A B+ is not awful at all, but consistent B+'s will give people pause when looking at your app. You have to turn this around quickly and consistently.</p>