How much my chances increase if I am a Hispanic Latin?

<p>How much my chances increase if I am a Hispanic Latin?</p>

<p>I am a good shoot basically wont post full stats I will do that later:</p>

<p>2200 SAT
3.8 GPA
Created school newspaper
Class President
President of Student Council</p>

<p>Junior @ small very competitive high school</p>

<p>Schools I am looking at:</p>


<p>should help you, but it still depends largely on your stats</p>

<p>EDIT: I just posted some basic stats</p>

<p>I will post a full one in some months</p>

<p>and on the kinds of schools you're looking at</p>

<p>done updated</p>

<p>Being Latino boosts your chances, but only because you're getting compared to a smaller applicant you have a slight/moderate advantage over whites and a moderate/significant advantage over Asians...</p>

<p>how many spots do big unis have for minority recruitment</p>

<p>If I want to recreuit as a minority should I contact the minority department at the uni and talk to them?</p>