How much of a plus is being ASB president?

<p>so ive found out that im almost definitely going to be asb president my senior year (its a small school and me and my co-candidate are the only ones who have any plans of running) how much of a boon for college acceptance is associated student body president on a college app?</p>

<p>What sorts of colleges are you asking about?</p>

<p>Northwestern, Cornell, UCB, ucla, tufts</p>

<p>If you can demonstrate that that's actually an important position, it could be quite helpful. Otherwise, it's probably not all that much of a boost (although it would definitely help you out a bit).</p>

<p>Generally, high school leadership positions don't involve a whole lot. School-wide leadership positions are better, but they'll add the most to your application if you manage to squeeze in a bit of a discussion of what you accomplished in those positions, as that'll prove that they were meaningful.</p>

<p>Alright cool thanks!</p>