How much of an edge does college courses give you?

<p>To be exact, I'm applying to for the Columbia University Science Honors Program where I can take math and science courses at Columbia so I'm studying for the entrance exam so i can hopefully get in.
But in case I dot get in, I'm going to apply to take courses at a city college over the summer then again during the school year.</p>

<p>But my main question is how impressive will taking college classes look when it comes to an admissions? Will it give me an edge in comparison to the other kids with great SAT scores, high GPA, and rigorous course loads? Will it be the same for Ivy League and other top schools?</p>

<p>I'm not taking them just for admissions (its something I wanted to do for awhile now) but i'm just curious to see if my chances will be boosted in any way.</p>

<p>bump bump!</p>

<p>Actually, I think it will just put you in the same league as everyone else who is applying. I would think it's not that unusual bordering on expected.</p>