How soon should a university of michigan acceptance decision arrive?

<p>I sent my application into the university of michigan on 9/18/09 and they received everything by 9/28/09. It has been over a month and many of my friends have already been accepted, and they applied only a few days before me. I have a 4.05 gpa, 31 ACT, and what I think to be good essays and extra curriculars. Should I be worried that I haven't received anything yet or should i receive something soon.</p>

<p>Last year they sent out acceptances on a rolling basis in alphabetical order. So, A-D would hear first and the two weeks later it would be E-H or whatever. They don't send out rejections until close to the end, so once you hear of Z's being accepted then you're probably either rejected or deferred. (This is based purely on the experience at my high school, and it may vary at yours)</p>

<p>^^^so are you saying hat if my name is a-d and i didn't hear a response during the first round of decisions that i'm more than likely rejected?</p>

<p>Im not sure, because some of my friends who have been accepted have last names past F which is mine and it would be odd if they already had ruled me as a rejection so early on in the application process</p>

<p>I'm wondering where you heard this? I believe that they take their top kids in each decision and admit them, and if decisions were released due in part to anything other than stats, it would be when the app was submitted.</p>

<p>It is definitely not by alphabet. They do rolling admissions. I know people with last names A, G, H, and two L's who got in during the first round this year.</p>

<p>Ive heard that they release decisions in bulk based on when you apply, and it doesnt matter whether or not its an acceptance, deferral, or rejecetion. For rolling admission, decisions are usually out in a month. However, i dont know how good they are at this since some of my friends applied after me and have heard back before me</p>

<p>If kp24 theory is true then I must have been rejected since my application was submitted first week of October ( others applied after me have already heard back; also assuming their last names are at least a-b). So it would actually be great if what kp24 alphabetical order theory is wrong. </p>


<p>Since I applied first week of October, if I don't hear back this Thursday ( assuming decisions are released) does this mean the later I hear back the increasing likelyhood I was not accepted?</p>


<p>Just read post above indicating it doesn't matter base off university decision, base on when you apply you will hear in a decent time manner on whether you were rejected, deferred, or accepted. This is sorta confusing base of all the recent post on cc.</p>

<p>I don't think if it takes longer that it means you'll be rejected, I think it may mean you aren't clear-cut though. I'm not sure exactly how it works. I am praying for a decision this week.</p>

Yeah it would be nice to have a decision this week though I know my stats are below the school average so my chances of receiving a rejection is high. But regaurdless it would be nice to know early if your not accepted so one can detach themself from liking the university and grow to liking others much more.</p>

<p>Let's just forget this thread ever happened, it gave me quite a scare. I'm still curious to where you read this though. I consider my self to be pretty read up on the process and I've never stumbled upon this before.</p>

<p>yea same here, its really bad waiting more than a month and watchin other people get accepted.</p>

<p>Im almost certain it doesnt depend on alphabet. If that were the case then all the decisions would have been made by now, because I know people from each end of the alphabet that have gotten decisions. I just wanted someone who knew if there was a solid time frame for a decision</p>

<p>Don't worry about the alphabet thing guys. Yeah I wish I knew the exact process they use and why some people receive decisions so much more quickly than others. I submitted everything over a month ago. I have this feeling that this could be my week but I don't want to get my hopes up.</p>

<p>LOL at the alphabetical order theory xD</p>

<p>yosup It must be nice trolling around the forum knowing you're already in, just by the way you write i can tell you are somewhat at ease unlike the rest of us!</p>

<p>Everyone at my school sent in their apps by september 18th and our transcripts were sent out on the 30th. Only 4 people have been accepted already and they all have 'A' last names. I'm not trying to follow the alphabetical order thing but from where I'm standing, that's what its looking like.</p>

<p>I didn't read this, or make it up. I went to a school where 200+ people applied and believe me, there was a very clear alphabetical pattern to acceptances. Like I mentioned in my post, it might be unique to my school because it's a feeder. But there's no doubt that's how it was.</p>

<p>hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I wouldn't be surprised if had something to do with your school like you are saying.</p>

<p>I don't know... this is the pattern with my school too for years past. There are usually only 40-50 applicants each year and they have generally heard in more or less alphabetical order with the deferals and rejections hearing close to if not at the end (around december). We aren't necessarily a feeder school but are still in the general area.</p>