How specific do we have to be? PLEASE HELP!

<p>In the activity section...for example, let's say I was the President of Model UN.</p>

<p>Would I say in the details/accomplishments...?</p>

<p>By being the president of Model UN, I was able to use my passion for public speaking and for politics.
(just explaining the activity in a vague or generic manner)</p>


<p>President of Model UN.
Organized 5 conferences in Paris. Award for Best Speaker.</p>

<p>Do you guys know what I mean? :P
I'm wondering this because, as an international, I'm part of clubs that US colleges do not even know, and therefore I feel like I have to explain them sometimes. And there's not much space.</p>

<p>(P.S: I'm not president of Model UN. That was just a random example :P)</p>

<p>The second one. Give as much information about each EC as possible (there isn't a lot of space).</p>

<p>Never be vague or generic.</p>

<p>If you need extra space to explain activities unique to your school/location, you could include that in the additional information section, and just give a brief description in the activities section.</p>