How to move in from Wisconsin.. I'm confused.

<p>What's the best way to get my stuff from Wisconsin to Manhattan? I have no idea what to do.. What things should I pack and what should I leave at home? Hrm.. I just imagine myself loading up a taxi chock full of boxes.. Can I even get that much stuff on a plane?! I'm not well-traveled, so any help (especially those with experience moving in from far away) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! x)</p>

<p>You can always fedex it</p>

<p>If you're flying by yourself, I'd say to take 2 suitcases of clothes + laptop + maybe bedding + any miscellaneous things you really need to have that first day. You can get one of those cart things if you feel the need for more luggage, but remember that you have to pay for them, and you probably can't fit more than 3, maybe 4, big bags on them (if I remember correctly). If you're at LaGuardia, just take a taxi - it might work out to like $40 or so, but it's probably worth avoiding the hassle.</p>

<p>You can just pick up everything else (including bedding if necessary!) when you get to NYC. As hatuen said, you CAN fedex stuff, but I'm pretty sure the dorms don't accept any packages for people who haven't checked in yet, so save it for stuff you won't need right away.</p>