How to utilize your two years in 11 and 12?

<p>Hey guys I am confused about Guidance Counselor. Is GC our relatives or someone who can help us in university preparation or they are someone we will hire?</p>

<p>^^GC is a person hired by your school to help you with your university application process.</p>

<p>Hey guys do everyone takes 1 year gap after 12 ? Also I am confused about early decision and early action. Can anyone help me.</p>

<p>NO, its not necessary to take a 1 year gap after 12 to apply and attend US universities. U can apply when u're in class 12 with ur class 10 and 11/AS grades along with internal exam marks. That way college will accept ur scores and consider u as an applicant. Infact, thats what students in US do. They apply to colleges in their senior year and by the time they graduate, most of them are fixed about which college to join in the coming fall.</p>

<p>Now talking about Early applications, there are two-three (as far as i know) types of early applications. They are:
1) Early Decision
2) Early Action
3) Restricted Early Action</p>

<p>1) Early Decision - It is an early application round, earlier than Regular Decision. Its is a binding agreement in which u state that if the college accepts u and ur financial need is met then u shall surely attend that college. It is a binding agreement and once accepted, u are bound to attend that college. U can apply only one ED. It is very competitive (that's what most college prep books, articles and college website say)</p>

<p>2)Early Action - Its an early application round too, but in this case, the application agreement is non restrictive. U can apply as many Early Actions as desired. </p>

<p>3) Restricted Early Action- I personally dont know about restricted early action. Ask confidential2015 or sarbaraj101 about this. They might help you.</p>

<p>Early application rounds are in two phase, those are I and II. U may apply as convenient to u. And yes, one more thing, if u are rejected in Early Decision I, u may apply Early Decision II, if u are able to meet the deadlines.
Although, Early Decisions are mainly for competitive students (most colleges say that), personally I've seen many students (low-high scores in high school and SATs) applying from Nepal. Its like a shot. U're accepted, u're in; u're rejected, u have other chances.
And many people apply one ED, almost all EA (within their college shortlist) and other RDs.</p>

<p>Thanks trinitian. I am asking about Nepal. Do many take 1 year gap in Nepal? and why?</p>

<p>There is no official data showing the number of Nepali students who take gap year.</p>

<p>^ I was just asking if many of ur frends and u or other people u know had taken gap or not. And is it benificial to take year gap?</p>

<p>i was just giving u an example of US students. Like confidential2015 said, there's no survey/data to show that how many students take gap after 12. Many do that but not all. One of our cc user (sixstringrocker) applied to Lafayette in grade 12, got accepted and then went directly after finishing 12 without any gap, on the other hand, I am still here in Nepal though i've already finished my class 12.It depends on u. If u are well prepared for the SAT, SATIIs, TOEFL, and all application processing in ur senior year then ofcourse u can apply and attend a college without any gap.</p>

<p>WHY: i guess many students focus towards their academics in their high school. Then, after finishing the high school, they focus on the standardized testings. but that all depends on one's psyche.</p>

<p>WHY? Because no one will tell you about application process in detail in Nepal.</p>

<p>I am sorry for those if they dont like my post. Ya i know that no one tells u in detail about application process in Nepal. Because of that only I am in CC to ask to my seniors not to those who are in my level. Anyways thanks to all of u for giving valuable information.</p>

<p>Most A Level graduates start to teach in schools/tuition centers after they get their results.</p>

<p>^^thestrox: if u dont wanna lose ur 1 year, like me (i wont point any other cc user) gather as much information as possible from seniors, cc users and USEF and apply in ur senior year.Should u require any other information about where to start and all.... feel free to ask here.Gud luck!</p>

<p>hey......this might help
Inside</a> College Admissions - TIME</p>

<p>Thanks Guys for the info. I will be back with more questions.</p>

<p>hey according to my experience, i think those of you who plan to attend US universities you should apply early. maybe in around 11th grade. and you should really focus on making your resumes strong. get involved in ECA's. it will make your resume look good. plus if you do volunteer than thats even better. Colleges don't only want brainy students these days. they want all round students. so step out and do something more. </p>

<p>that's how i am getting into a university this year. I volunteered in Balmandhir and plus worked at my dad's office and did a lot of ECA's. and my test scores and grades were good too. so they really like my application and even offered me scholarships. :)</p>

<p>thanks ad238gh!!! I am also planning to do volunteering in Balmandir. I love doing volunteering but the fact is that i dont like competitions like essay writing , speech, drama etc. Will this hurt my chance? I have got my leadership ability but i hate those competition and never have participated. What are your suggestions CCers?</p>

<p>^ i've never participated in those speech, drama,writing competition in my life except wont hurt ur chances. Try to show the college the stronger side of yours.that'll do!!</p>

<p>ad238gh: hey mate, which university did you get in??</p>


<p>Whatever you said in your post does apply to the best of the best colleges of the US where rarely Nepalese students(excluding IB students) get admitted.
Other than that, vast majority of colleges still accept students in the traditional way. and so the students need prepare themselves for the majority. And most importantly the admittance into american colleges is by no means PREDICTABLE. There are some "WELL LOPSIDED BRANIACS", that you've labeled them, that get into Caltech but not into MIT, and then into MIT but not into Caltech (Now dont tell me that MIT and Caltech arent the best school). So even "WELL LOPSIDED BRANIACS" may not count.</p>

<p>If a student applies to a US college from Nepal then s/he applies to a majority of 3 stars rated college and hardly 2-3 5-stars rated college. Keeping the LARGE no of applicants in mind, students usually try to prepare themselves to get into atleast 1 college with a good FA, no matter it is 3-stars or 5-stars college. ALMOST every1 would love to go to MIT but one needs to keep other colleges in list too so that if not MIT, one can goto colleges that are little lower than MIT in facilities and rankings. Furthermore, who would want to waste another year for getting into a college apart from the 1 year break that is usually taken to apply abroad??? ALMOST NOBODY, except the rejected students who have no option other than applying again (** LIKE YOU **).
And since, the number of 3-stars colleges is greater than 5-stars colleges in a student's college list, s/he tries to prepare himself for the majority one. So you see what the usual trend is to get into American Colleges.</p>

<p>The idea of well lopsided brainacs has already been posted by sarbaraj101 in post #12 of this thread: <a href=""&gt;;/a>
and I've too also shared my view on it. So you need not post the same thing again and again just to increase you number of posts. By doing that, you are just wasting cc users time.</p>

<p>Guys, This one's a message that Evangelica had sent me earlier:

I joined CC to mostly for the sake of entertainment, not for college research or anything. I deliberately write provoking things and I enjoy seeing fellow users lose their minds when they see my posts. I am intrinsically bad.


She is nothing but an inbecile girl who has been devasted by her encounter with her life's reality- the reality that she is nothing but a mentally retarded student who doesnt deserve to get into any college.</p>

<p>And when reading a post, read very carefully,:

^ i've never participated in those speech, drama,writing competition in my life except wont hurt ur chances. Try to show the college the stronger side of yours.that'll do!!


You are advised not to mislead 11th and 12th graders using CC by exemplifying your success despite not having any talent based awards. You succeeded without awards does not mean they will too...................


You are in no position to make that call.
I havent said him to do this or that, I"m giving him some idea whether to do or not to do and thats just my idea. I know u've a Shakespearean writing skill, but dont you know how to read??? If your answer is no, then apply to primary level schools not undergraduate colleges.
I am not misleading anyone here. Infact its you who always posts up some BS over here and tries to pull every1 into some futile discussion. And yes, I'm not misleading any1 here to do this or that, I'm just sharing my experience not someone's who has got into MIT or Caltech. CCusers share their knowledge and experience, they do not brag about this and that.
I wont be going to MIT and I even dont consider myself any "WELL LOPSIDED BRANIACS" that you're talking about. I'm just a student who has tried to drive the best out of any given opportunity. And yes, I've won accolades and awards. I've done the best I could in any work that I've participated in. Who are you to talk about that? Look at yourself, had you had any such accolades, you'd have been accepted by the best college. the fact that you havent been accepted by even a single college shows what accolades you've earned in your life.</p>

<p>Lehigh isnt a good school? What do you know about Lehigh? What do you know in depth about any American college?
Post #18: <a href=""&gt;;/a>

@trinitian: you even did research on colleges before you applied? I did no such thing.


Let me tell you one thing, students arent judged just by the colleges they attend. Later when they apply for grad schools or jobs, people try to see what they are beyond the grades just like during the college admission process.
Getting into MIT and Caltech isnt the biggest success of life. The USNEWS and other similar rankings are based on large number of factors out of which ACADEMICS is just one. So if a student goes to Lehigh,Lafa MIT, BYU or even some tier-3 college, you can, by no means, judge his/her talent.
I applied ED and got into Lehigh.For your kind information, even I had considered MIT, if not all top colleges, in my list and I had even completed writing my essays for it. But I got into Lehigh and as an ED student, I couldnt and also didnt need to apply to MIT.</p>

<p>Perhaps stupid fellows like you should read this:
The</a> Disadvantages of an Elite Education: an article by William Deresiewicz about how universities should exist to make minds, not careers | The American Scholar</p>

<p>Also read very very carefully the point no #37 in this post, you dumb:
MIT</a> Admissions | Blog Entry: "50 Things"
If you dont wanna open another tab I'll quote it here"


37. In the long run, where you go to college doesn't matter as much as what you do with the opportunities you're given there. The MIT name on your resume won't mean much if that's the only thing on your resume....


<p>Stop pointing people based on the college that they're going to attend. If you do so, remember, we people atleast at least have reputed colleges in US to attend, but you, you wont even count anywhere since you havent been accepted by a single college.</p>

<p>You're talking about going to MIT and Caltech but its ironic that you havent even been accepted even by a safety college.

Safeties applied: 5
Ironically, Accepted/Waitlisted: 0
I guess those 5 colleges weren't even safeties.


Everyone knows that you havent been accepted by a single college and that you're throwing your frustration of rejection all over the board. Why dont you do something substantial that might help you into getting the MIT, Caltech, Yale,etc next year?
Dont mislead and waste time of cc users by creating a long post that is nothing but a post of frustration of rejection.</p>

<p>For those of you who dont know about Evangelica and her frustrations of rejection, and the type of idiosyncratic behavior she possesses, you can read this thread and get to know other people's view about her well: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>PS, the 3 stars and 5 stars rating of US colleges that I've talked about above is just a general placement of universities according to prestige. Its not STANDARD rating or anything like that. I just created that to give Evangelica some idea.</p>

<p>It is obvious that your rejections are disheartening, Evangelica, but please do take your pathetic ramblings elsewhere.
Have you ever thought of what weaknesses of yours led to this string of rejections? Or did you have no time for that as your obsession with the faults of the American Education system consume your entire non-existent life?</p>