<p>Hey guys~ I'm a freshman applicant for fall 2012 and I'm thinking of applying to NYUAD. It seems to be a totally new concept and pretty visionary, at least from what I read about in their website...
I'm pretty skeptical of the 2% admission rate though...I heard they got a lot of students apply just to get the denominator to be BIG during their tours in a lot of high schools around the world. Is it REALLY that hard to get in?
Also, class of 2014 students have already finished a year there. Are all the courses listed in their website actually available? I mean, are there enough professors? Will they actually open the course if say, only 3 students chose one specific course? Given that there're only 150 students and so many courses (on official website), the imagined scenario is possible...</p>

<p>Anyway, I just wanna get as much information on NYUAD as possible... Thanks guys~~</p>

<p>Hey! </p>

<p>Did you end up applying? If so, did you get in?</p>

<p>Yeah, I did apply! Subsequent research on the school cleared up most of my reservations. I'm RD though, so still waiting for decision in April. I'm sure I've seen ur posts in the NYUAD thread. You probably have seen mine too, haha.</p>