HS Sophomore Chances

<p>I havn't taken the SATs yet...but the PSAT for me is this Saturday. Lets say I have a perfect GPA 4.0 UW and I take each academic AP class available esp. throughout my junior/senior year BUT my EC's are low to none. How good are my chances then? Be harsh as possible.</p>

<p>Edit: Wow forgot to mention, I'm out-of-state.</p>


<p>Umm thanks... I guess thats good...</p>

<p>isn't it a bit too early? your UC GPA hasn't been established, nor did you even take your PSATs yet. Also, what is preventing you from joining clubs and such when it's only your sophomore year?</p>

<p>Time. And I need to be prepared as possible...cuz i hear tons of ppl dont make this college and it doesn't make it better since most of all OOS applicants are rejected.</p>


<p>UCLA: N/A (need statistics)</p>