hypothetical chance me.

<p>alright i really want to go to UCSD but i probably wont be able to cause of my suckish gpa and my lame and lack of ECs.</p>

<p>my gpa atm is around a 3.0. i plan on doing some courses over the summer to raise it to atleast a 3.3. my workload for all years was all advanced science/math and senior year i will have all classes advanced.</p>

<p>by the end of junior year i will have 2 hnrs from fresh year(math,science), 2 hnrs from soph(math,science), 4 hnrs from junior(spanish, math, science, comp sci). by the end of senior year i will have a rough 13 ap courses and hopefully 13 ap credits(4 junior year, nine senior year).
as for SAT, i have an 1860(took it on the fly in march to see my starting point) atm but i plan on atleast getting a 2300(possibly a 2400 xD, we already have 3 people in my grade who got perfects><) with alot of studying by october.</p>

<p>as for ECs i ran for 6 club positions for one year and i lost 4 of those elections by 2-3 votes...(which really sucks..) so i have no leadership positions.
i will have over 600 volunteer hours by the end of the summer: volunteer work at local hospital, a lot of doctor shadowing and volunteering at various clinics, i will also be going to Pakistan to volunteer to build a hospital in northern pakistan and i will make an article about this experience and send it to the local newspaper in hopes of it being published
i have also written an unpublished novel but i don't think that will improve my app at all.
i plan on posting a lot of my animations(anime quality) that i have created in order to raise money for various charities(mostly mech animations.). i estimate atleast 5k dollars to be raised. </p>

<p>subject tests : bio/chem: 800s and math2 is a 760.</p>

<p>LoRs will be very strong: getting one from my s.s. teacher of who will be of 2 years by next year( took his elective this year and next year i will take ap human geo with him and he loves me). one from my ap chem teacher who will also be my ap physics c teacher next year (i am doing extremely well in his class and he normally writes amazing LoRs) and one from my calc bc teacher.</p>

<p>my essays will be extremely good and strong.
i seriously doubt i have any chance at getting into UCSD but i wish i could....
i wish to major in physics with a minor in japanese.(but i overall want to do premed)
btw i am south asian.
also chance me for Rutgers NB, Penn State and UPITT.
if u can please rec me for any other schools u think i have a solid chance of getting into. money is not a problem for me so i won't be needing FA.</p>

<p>A lot of this will depends on where you currently live...</p>

<p>out of state; new york.</p>

<p>but i have done my research and people are saying that being out of state doesn't matter much anymore.</p>

<p>bumping it up</p>

<p>sigh going to bump it although a lot of u will flame me~</p>