I am hoping to apply to Duke, Harvard, and possibly UNC (MED). do i have a chance?

<p>I am a sophomore at High point central in high point north carolina.</p>

<p>if my resume looks like this after i graduate, will i make it to Duke, Harcard, and/or UNC</p>

<p>4 seasons varsity track (2 years indoor/ 2 outdoor)
president of 3 clubs, started all 3 of them
member of NHS, NSHS, and 3 others.
various summer programs and over 300 hours volunteer work
IB Program
4 years of rigorous courses including AP Psych, IB Psychology, AP Calc, IB Chem, etc
SAT: currently 1830, I will improve
ACT: not taken yet</p>

<p>i am a minority, i was born here but I am from Nablus, Israel.</p>

<p>Please comment as to why i will/will not be accepted to above universities.</p>

<p>Duke and harvard are pretty much reaches for everyone. Idk about unc
But your sat needs to improve</p>

<p>hm....yea, the SAT needs to improve alot, there have been tons of ppl with 2400s and got rejected..</p>

<p>i know i need to improve my SAT; however, does my resume look good enough to the point that i could be accepted to Duke or Harvard?</p>

<p>Your competative (probably mispelled), but you don't have a hook. Something that you have done that shows who you are and displays your interests/initiative. For instance (this is just me), but I started a jazz ensemble that I lead. We play at coffee shops and bookstores to raise money to provide clean water to countries in subsaharen Africa. UNC - if you are instate, then you should have little to no problem, but out of state may be a little more difficult. Good luck.</p>

<p>i think the resume looks great...i'm pretty sure your volunteering hours and clubs will help lots. i don't know if you have taken the psat's yet, but when you do, try to get a very high score...</p>

<p>How do you know you are a Valedictorian in sophomore year?
Your resume is nice but you have to increase your SAT to above 2200 before you can think about Harvard and Duke.
One reference is to see how many people from your HS matriculated these two schools and what their stats were. Every high school is different, quality can vary drastically and colleges know that.
Good luck.</p>

<p>im already number 1 in my class of 253, and i am 1 ap class ahead of the current #2 student. I also volunteer at my local library and this summer, i am hoping of starting a musicians festival at the library. i can play guitar well and im hoping we can invite a few local bands to play for us. this way we will raise money to local charities. i am also the leader of my youth comitee. im in the ib program and im aiming to become valedictorian. i have done indoor track for 2 seasons and i will be doing outdoor track for the next two years. i talked to my principal about starting 3-4 clubs that i can be president of, i am a member of about 3 more. i have already done various summer programs and i signed up for many leadership comitees. i have volunteered at the library, hospitals, with the redcross, highway cleanups, etc for a total of 300 hours. i am currently getting all A's and i am hoping i can do so in the IB program. I am a minority and i speak 3 languages fluently, spanish, arabic, and english. i am not trying to brag at all; however, i know that inorder to get into an Ivy league, i have to be very competitive. i am just asking for your input on whether i will make it to Duke/harvard with the current statistics. any recommendations would be helpful. thanks</p>

<p>How is your high school past record at Harvard and Duke? That actually is important too to see if there is standing relationship between HS and your colleges. Also how well these kids are doing in these two colleges also speak volume for the HS academic preparation</p>

<p>You EC looks very good and keep up the work and I assume you SAT will jump large percentage in junior year as most tested material is taught in junior year.</p>

<p>I am a Harvard mom and I will root for you. Remember, being top student is the first requirement and being well-rounded is what all colleges like that you have spare energy that you still have intellectual potential beyond HS, but Harvard is looking for more, Harvard is looking for future leaders of the world so if you can demonstrate you are a leader of your community/school today, they will see you can be a leader for tomorrow</p>

<p>In the past couple of years, no one has been accepted to Duke from my high school.
I need to know if this is a good resume to be accepted to DUKE. Duke is my #1 right now.</p>

<p>Great scores, coupled with the URM boost, will give you solid chances. At the moment (as you know), your scores are too low.</p>

<p>Go to the DUKE thread and look at who was accepted this year and what stats they have and you will see....Look at ED and RD. Good Luck to you.</p>

<p>My daughter got into UNC, Harvard and got a full ride to Duke. SAT scores, unfortunately, are very important, so do what you need to do to get that number up (she took it 3 times, improving each time, to end up with a 2370).
Your resume is pretty perfect except I don't see any mention of summer programs. Also, I think all these schools are looking for that special something that sets you apart--call it a "hook" if you want. Rest assured that you already have this "hook", you just need to recognize it and learn how to articulate it.
Good luck!
P.S. Duke loves vals</p>

i am a minority, i was born here but I am from Nablus, Israel.


<p>Students of Middle Eastern ethnicity do not count as "minorities". The term "minority" in the college admissions context generally encompasses Native Americas, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans.</p>