I feel like my time is dwindling down.

<p>Ok so i am currently an undergrad at the University of Illinois at the Urbana-Champaign campus and in the college of business planing to major in finance. in the future i want to become a IB, and i was wondering if i should transfer out and go to a different University or get my degree here and continue my education elsewhere when i graduate? I am currently a freshman.</p>

<p>IB is tough, from what I hear they really only hire out of Wharton or Harvard, and to a lesser extent MIT, Stanford, Yale, etc. (at least the for the top firms). IB is, from what I hear, a very prestige heavy field where its hard to get a foot in the door if you haven’t gone to the top schools. However, I would go down to wallstreetoasis and see what they think, as those are the people you should be asking.</p>