I find this really silly, but is this TRUE?

<p>I'm a junior in a high school, and you know right now
seniors are busy working on their apps, but one senior
told me that if there's a college u really want to go, then
you should have kept e-mailing with the Dean of Admissions of
the school u want to go and keep in contacts, so he/she
gets to know you better (some advantage?)when you
send your application there.</p>

<p>I'm a junior and I really dontknow much about apps but
i am really skeptical. What do you think?</p>

<p>Remain skeptical. Don't hound the Dean or any staff at Admissions. It is counter-productive.<br>
Focus on your classes and ECs. Forget the games people play.</p>

<p>I gotta go back to my class...</p>

<p>Doing that would irritate the dean and possibly would lead to your rejection.</p>

<p>What gets one into a college is having a strong application and -- when it comes to the most selective colleges -- also having whatever the college feels it needs to create a diverse class in all meanings of the word.</p>

<p>I applaud that, Northstarmom.</p>

<p>People should be less concerned with playing "the admissions game" (i.e. calling the dean repeatedly or trying to figure out if they have a better chance of getting in early to which school) and focus their efforts on their grades and finding activities that they enjoy and can learn from. If you're a strong candidate with passions and a drive to learn, then that's what will get you into the top colleges.</p>

<p>Or... if you don't mean the top colleges... it is still important that you focus on you, because that's what you have control over.</p>

<p>no do it. it works like a charm</p>