I help students earn degrees abroad - AMA!

I’ve helped dozens of students go abroad, saving time and money, while getting to earn their degrees in the UK, Europe, and beyond. Ask Me Anything!

Do you do this as a business?

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I do, and have requested professional verification.

How many of the students that you send abroad do not return to the US?

How do US employers feel about degrees earned in Canada?

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Most students do take advantage of the increasing number of post-study work visas that are available; the UK just revised theirs to include those who have finished undergraduate programs. I’d say about 40% of my students end up going into this as a way to stay abroad, and about half follow through with it.

As for Canadian universities, I think it depends on which ones. U of Toronto, McGill, and UBC all get a lot of respect, while I think U of Alberta gets shortchanged.

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