I internally transferred to CS - ask me anything

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I completed 2 college courses, Intermediate Programming in C++ (A)and Discrete math is there anyways I can skip any elementary requirement. I also completed AP CS (Java), but didn’t score a 5. So do I have repeat anything for the premlinary courses. Please advise. I have been assigned to Letters and Science, when I asked for CS. Thanks in advance for your input.@sl4122

@blueblood0416 you can take exemption exams for 131, 132, 216 and 250. Email ugrad@cs.umd.edu to set up your exemption exams

Does anyone know someone who got into Clark RD? I starting to feel as though it’s highly unlikely.

@ash980123 There are people who do.

@sl4122 did they have stats above 1500 or was it something reasonable?

I have the same question about anyone getting in Smith RD.

@ash980123 @mcc1970 generally it’s more difficult if you don’t apply priority, but it’s difficult to tell what scores are required. Smith will be more difficult I think

thank you for starting this thread.
if i have a 5 in AP CS A and a 5 in AP Calc BC , should i still have to take a placement exam or just submitting the scores from college board is good enough.
Also if i finish CMSC132 in my first semester, will i be considered a CS major (LEP) in my second semester.
i have a scholarship from L/S. Will this have any bearing on my housing preferences or anything else.
thank you in advance for your help

Does anyone know when the Regular Decision release date is?

@collResearch yes, all you have to do is submit your scores. If you take 132 your first semester, you will be in the CS LEP for your second semester as long as you apply.

@sl1422 Could you please tell me how much difficult it is to score above 2.7 grade point and average number of students who are successful in internally transferring to CS Program?

Also due to this coronavirus thing do we have to attend the classes online, or will it be held on campus

My D20 has been accepted to UMD and the honors program for Fall 2020. She has always been strong in math and science and is currently taking BC Calc. She has never show much interest in computer games or computer programming, but is now thinking about majoring in Computer Science. My husband and I are both surprised about this and are worried that she will be behind the curve since she has no experience whatsoever. I told her she should go to Khan Academy or code.org and see what she can do over the next few weeks since her senior year has been so messed up and she’s not doing much classwork right now. But, just wondering what you think about someone taking the freshman computer science courses with no previous experience. She is an intelligent young woman, but I don’t know if that’s enough…thanks

@programmer13 a 2.7 is around a B- average. During your first year of college, unless there are extenuating circumstances, you should be more than capable of achieving this as long as you stay on top of your work. As of this semester, we are all home taking classes online.

@2020vision2025 the first course of the sequence (CMSC131) assumes that you have no previous coding knowledge. She should be able to handle it. She can make it a bit easier on herself by learning some Java before school starts since it’ll help her realize if she actually does like coding.

@sl4122 do you have any idea about our’s first semester, whether it would be online or on campus?
Also, I have a question. All those students who have been admitted to College of Letters and Sciences and who want to pursue Computer science major are supposed to complete three courses CMSC131, CMSC132 and MATH140 ( please correct me if I am wrong) in order to declare their major as computer science, right? Meanwhile, what will the students who have been directly admitted to Computer Science would be doing, would they be studying the same course as we will be or any other. And will completing the gateway requirement result in completing the degree in more than 4 years or we will be able to cover up that?

I have no idea what will happen during the first semester. Students directly admitted will be studying the same material as anyone working through the gateway requirements. You will still be able to complete the degree in 4 years or less

@sl4122 thankyou for your response

@sl4122 when you applied for transfer to CS was it a LEP or Not?