I Know your all tired of helping people with their SAT scores... but

<p>i really need some help</p>

<p>Critical Reading 630 </p>

<p>Math 650 </p>

<p>Writing 570 </p>

<p>i need a 2100 ish..</p>

<p>any specific things that can help up my individual sections?</p>

<p>just specific courses or programs is what i'm looking for..</p>

Do practice questions
good luck</p>

<h2>I am posting this from a previous post of mine, its late so .. :)</h2>

<p>Critical Reading Help</p>

<p>Can you point to which kind of questions you are getting wrong?</p>

<p>global Qs, inference Qs, logic Qs</p>

<p>What I had to do to imporve was make a chart of all the Qs I got wrong per CR section and separate them by question type, tallying it all. It turned out that I was getting inference Qs wrong mostly, so I worked on them</p>

<p>This is the technique I used</p>

<p>First, quickly make a mark near the passage where there are line references in the questions, don't read the questions, just spot the line references and mark all of them on your passage. For one passage, around 10-13 Qs, this should take less than a 30 sec.</p>

<p>Then, read the blurb in the beginning to set the stage.</p>

<p>Now read the first paragraph actively, meaning get involved with what you're reading. Get interested, get into it. You have to have a mindset that is, well, critical. Ask yourself, what is he saying, why did he use that as an example, are there any turns in his thoughts, what is he trying to convey, and how. You will get faster at this with proper practice.</p>

<p>When your done with the first paragraph, look for markups to see if you have to answer a question from that paragraph, just a quick glance. If you do, go to the question, read it, and come up with your own answer. You have just read the paragraph, gleaned from it the important information, so you should be able to answer the Q. Cross of answer choices that are not supported, or are just twisted in fact, or just wrong. Pick from the remaining choices what best answers the Q, and what matches your answer, in the lines referenced.</p>

<p>Continue this until you are done reading. It seems like a time consuming process, but thats just because I have to explain it in words. Treat vocabulary questions as line reference questions as well, there is nothing special about them, so there is no point in doing them first. Usually, the answer is not the most common def of that word, usually.</p>

<p>BTW, make sure you are marking the right questions on your answer sheet, you may have noticed I totally left out the Global Q's, like main idea and purpose Q's. You should answer the line ref questions first, so you might skip over a global q, so don't make a bubbling mistake!</p>

<p>Answer the global questions last, because by the time you are done with line ref Q's, you have a good idea what the main idea or purpose is of the passage. The answer will probably not be too extreme, and it will encompass the whole passage.</p>

<p>There, so try this, and see how you do.</p>

<p>note: this is just my approach; doing this i went from a 530 -> 740, over time.</p>

<p>Writing is the easiest section to boost quickly; it's very straightforward and is in my opinion the least tricky section on the SAT if you know the rules.</p>

<p>Pick up the bluebook and evaluate the errors tested for in each section. This will give you a much clearer view of what to look for when reading the questions.</p>

<p>I can guarantee you that you will run into pronoun-antecedent, subject-verb agreement, verb tense, diction, idiom, and misplaced modifier type errors on your SAT test. Study these error types closely and train yourself to not only know these rules but how to effectively recognize them by searching the sentence correctly.</p>

<p>Last but not least, strive to get a 10+ essay-it's hard to score high without one. To improve your writing, just practice forming a well structured essay with a clear thesis-it's honestly all they look for. Fill up the entire space on the answer booklet too, it'll guarantee a higher score.</p>

<p>Best of luck to you.</p>

<p>5 paragraph essay is ur friend, and so are the many events that happen to u in ur life... use this to own ur essay... i keep scoring 12s cuz all i do is relate each topic to 1 specific hobby of mine- DJ-ing... this helps a lot... to score high on SAT 1 essay have a good introduction.... no silly grammar errors in ur developing paragraphs... and a clear cut conclusion summarizing ur thesis and u body paragraphs and ending the essay properly will make the reader forget about ur introduction (if u had a bad intro) so this helps as well to strengthen ur conclusion</p>

<p>k thanks. i'll let yall know how much i improve</p>