I need ideas for revision on my essay

<p>my essay is supposed to be 250 words long and Ive ran out of ideas to add to it because as u can see it isn't even close to 250 </p>

<li> Choose one of your special activities or interests and describe the difference it has made in your life and in the lives of others.</li>

<p>“For our next performance, we will have the Marching Eagles Drum line” says the mc of the pep rally. Staring out into the stands at my peers made me slightly nervous but as I marched to the middle of the gym, I felt a burst of sudden confidence and excitement. I have always loved music even when I was younger but now that I am older I have learned to appreciate it more and more each day. Playing an instrument has also played a part in strengthening my appreciation for music. It has taught me different skills such as learning how to read music, hard work, dedication, and most importantly taking time out to practice to perfect my craft. Music is a therapeutic way to relieve stress.</p>

<p>You dont discuss how it affects the lives of others. Did you ever play for kids or elderly and made their day? Did you play in a parade and a younger kid saw you and now plays a musical instrument? Your description on how it has changed your life is pretty general. Can you talk about how playing music has really moved you or helped you overcome other difficult aspects, or has helped you apply concentration and dedication to other non musical tasks? Hope this helps. Once you cover a few of these items you will be way over your 250 limit…</p>