I need more schools for my list

<p>I've had a really hard time finding a good list of schools to apply to this year. My first choice is the University of Chicago, 2nd is Northwestern and 3rd is Notre Dame. All of these schools are pretty far fetched but they have a good amount of what i'm looking for in a school. My main desire in a school is to have a majority of the classes seminar style. Lectures and multiple choice based classes will be the death of me and I do much better in classes where I can show i'm learning the material in a way that doesn't require me to fill in bubbles. Essays are way more my thing. Also, I would like to attend a private university with a roughly 50% acceptance rate so that it's not a given that I get in but I know i'd have a good chance. My intended major right now is Environmental Science so it's preferable that the school has a strong Science Department. So if anyone knows of a school that will fit this highly specific criteria i'd love to hear about them.</p>

<p>What are your stats? What can your family afford?</p>