I need some safe schools!

<p>I am looking for some good safe schools medium/large sized, Smart school with great social scenes. Help me find a couple safe schools. My dream school is Vanderbilt, ED I. so yeah here is my info</p>

Columbia, MD</p>

<p>3.6 (UW)
4.3 (W)
1st Decile</p>

<p>SAT (taking again)
M: 700
R: 650
W: 610 :-(</p>

Chemistry: 790
Biology: 720</p>

Junior Year:
Chemistry 5
Biology 5
Calc AB 4</p>

<p>Senior Year AP:
Calc BC


<p>Spanish NHS (2yrs)
NHS (2yrs)
Student Helping Other People (3yrs prez for 2)
FBLA (4 yrs prez for 1)
Univ of MD Chemathon (2 yrs both time team leader)
Student Leadership Cadre (2 yrs)
Leadership University (a county sponsered organization that does community service and leadership projects)
American Computer Science League All-Star Tourney
Red Cross Blood Drive Organizer</p>

Passionist Volunteer (2 year) we spend 2 weeks in WV doing community service projects
Traveled to Europe (twice)
Travel to CA</p>

AYS Agent at a Marriott (answered phones help out front desk)
Now working 25 hrs a week at a store</p>

Took 3 science my junior year (2 AP)
Goes on the Christian Church Retreat, but I'm Jewish (Passionist Vol)</p>

<p>Good Essay
Amazing Recs</p>

Molecular and Chemical Biology (or something like it)
European Studies (if offered)</p>

<p>Find me some safe schools!

<p>what are some other schools your considering? so we can get a feel for what you like maybe?</p>

<p>That's pretty disgusting that you went on a church retreat. What kind of Jew are you???</p>

<p>nothing wrong with your state school- umd is great</p>

<p>yeah retreat isnt the right word. it was a volunteering thing. we went to west virginia to do commmunity service. there really wasnt any praying, so i felt really comfortable. I also found it really interesting to see other religions. im kinda weird.</p>

<p>my other schools are:
Wake Forest

<p>so im looking for some more. and more safe schools cause i dont really have any yet.</p>

<p>any ideas??</p>

<p>What about your state schools?</p>

<p>i think i maybe applyin to UMCP but im looking for some outside the state. Not looking for safe schools that are other state schools tho.</p>

<p>How about American and George Washington U? Sounds as if you prefer the mid-Atlantic region. American may be good. Fordham may be good.</p>

Boston College
Delaware (as a safety)</p>

<p>Villanova, Dickinson, F&M, Gettysburg, Allegheny, Union, Skidmore, Hobart, Syracuse.</p>

<p>He said "medium/large sized," so myaybe the smaller LACs aren't even a possibility. Safeties: Ohio University, Miami University (Ohio), Michigan State, Inidana U., Tulane, University of Vermont, U of New Hampshire, U of Miami, U of Richmond, Clark University (Worcester, Mass.).</p>