I need your help! Will I be able to get in to my UC of choice?

<p>Hi, do I have a chance at these UC schools. My first choice is Davis, second UCB (but I don't think I have a chance) next is UCSB , UCSC and Cal Poly.
My unweighted GPA is 3.95
UC Weighted GPA is 4.13<br>
SAT 1950 (I was thinking about taking it again, but I'm afraid I'll do worse)
SAT II Lit =700
SAT II Spanish = 600 (I was surprised it was so low, definitely taking again, hoping for a 680)
My EC's
Many years of Piano
Advanced Choir
Environmental Club
Volunteer with Special Olympics</p>

<p>First Generation to go to College. Any suggestions to improve my chances? Please don't write " get 2300 on the SAT ". (That's not going to happen) </p>

<p>Go ahead and be brutal, I can take it.</p>

<p>Retake the SAT Reasoning in October and the Subject tests in November. Just remember to study since they weigh heavily on standardized test scores. My first choice is Davis too. If you are in the top 4% (I think) of your school, you're pretty much in.</p>

<p>If you improve your SATI and SATII Spanish scores, you should definitely be able to get in :)</p>

<p>No ELC for me. My H.S. is a high achieving school. I'm not even close to the top 4%.</p>

<p>I was on the UC Davis admissions web site. The average SAT 1 score is 1887. That is why I was hoping that 1950 + my GPA + a decent SAT II score would be enough? I know many people say that they take your best score and don't care about the others, but if I were to score in the 1800's on the SAT the second time, I fear it would look really bad.</p>

<p>Right now, I think the main factor holding you back is your SATII Spanish score. If you got that up to at least 650, you should be able to get in because your gpa is pretty high. I know people with lower gpa's and SATI scores and about the same ec's who got into davis.
But to be extra extra extra safe, you could retake the SATI and try to break the 2000 mark, even though your gpa and SATI score are above average.</p>

<p>On subject of retaking the SATI, I took the SATI 3 times and my scores were like this: 1>3>2 lolll but I still got into UCSD. Don't sweat it too much.</p>