I received a conduct referral, will this hurt my chances?

<p>I doubt any college would care, but I'm just making sure.</p>

<p>I took out my cell phone during a class to check the time because the clock in the room was not working, when the teacher saw I pulled out my phone she took it away and gave it back to me after school along with a conduct referral.</p>

<p>no one will care. if they do see it, you were simply checking the time cuz your school didn't provide the adaquate equipment. lol. you're fine.</p>

<p>Yeah, I had two detentions in ninth grade for lateness (my school seemed like a winding labyrinth back then, hahaha) but it did not appear on my transcript or hurt my chances at any colleges. Don't sweat it!</p>

<p>hahaha wow!!!!! ^ two detentions???!!!! thats insane. you are a total bad ass!!!</p>

<p>two detentions? I had lunch detention almost every day of ninth grade! I'm pretty sure colleges will only know about suspension/expulsions.</p>

<p>When I was in ninth grade, a boy from another class ** stole my math teacher's TI-89 graphing calculator. ** The school's calculators are usually spraypainted hot pink or yellow, so needless to say he was caught pretty easily. Although a crime as heinous as this would normally garner a suspension (expulsion, MAYBE), the kid was in special education classes so he was allowed to slide. That's so stupid--just because a kid has poor math/reading skills does not mean that he/she doesn't know right from wrong!! So, in the end, he was given the same punishment a normal student would have for lateness and things like that.</p>

<p>Thanks for the rant.</p>