I would like to know my chances at attending the ivies, MIT, stanford etc

(Indian Student)

SAT: 1560
SAT chem subject test: 800
SAT Math 2 subject test: 790
SAT physics subject test: 800

Highschool Grades: (in india)
9th = 98/100
10th = 92/100
11th = 97/100
12th = 97/100

which is roughly around 4.7/5.0 GPA

Took English, Math, Computer Science, Chemistry and Physics

Multiple International Coding Competitions and Hackathons - placed 1st and 2nd in many.


  1. Wrote 2 books on Machine Learning Theory with Python which is available on amazon
  2. Intern at International Model United Nations as a Campus Ambassador (By the UN and Australian Embassy)
  3. Intern at CRY (top 100 non profit) for 1 month
  4. Founded a Non Profit Startup in India
  5. Founded an Online Machine Learning Forum
  6. Digital Artist on Twitter, creating NFT art on foundation.org every week
  7. Section Leader at Stanford’s CODEINPLACE platform, tutoring students around the globe programming languages.
  8. Programming as a hobby - fluent with Python, Javascript, CSS, HTML, web dev, app dev, machine learning
  9. Launched an app on Playstore

I would like to know my chances at The Ivies, MIT, Stanford, Caltech and Carnegie Mellon.
Need Financial Aid (Annual Income of Parents = 20k usd)