IB student Chance me for NYU???

<p>International Student (Location: Africa)</p>

9th grade: 2.2
10 grade: 3.2</p>

<p>11&12th grade IB
All A's, they're all 6&7s out of 7</p>

Subject Tests not taken</p>

MUN 2 years
Interact Club 2 years
Habitat for Humanity 2 years
Track&Field Team 2 years
and other local volunteering & film internship</p>

<p>I'm appplying to NYU Tisch, just wanted to know what my chances are
My gpa was very low in my freshmen year as apparent and not excellent either in sophomore, but through IB in the last two years my grades've gone up. I don't know how to calculate IB gpas or if there are gpas for IB. They were pretty rigorous classes with higher level classes. Are IB classes advantegeous for NYU? And can being an international student especially from a geographic region of Africa be any pluses?</p>