I'm a current Junior -- review my resume & tell me my chances?

<p>I'm a current Junior (male, if that matters) in CA and I want to see what everyone thinks in regards to my chances for colleges in general. My #1 is UCLA but I will "longshot" to Yale and Columbia and "fallback" to USC and UCD (which are both great schools of course). I'd also be shooting for UCSD and will apply to Berkeley.</p>

<p>3.99 GPA weighted (if I get a 4.15 this semester, I'd have something like 4.04)
3.81 GPA unweighted (something like that)
Class Rank 15/400 (ELC)
SAT I - 1930 // 620 CR 640 M 670 W
SAT II - Bio E 600, Math 2 540 (I do plan to retake Math 2... the test had WAY more Trigonometric problems than I had expected and I had forgotten most of Trig...)</p>

ASB Vice President (1600 student body)
Junior Class President
Sophomore Class Treasurer
Organized and MC'd Westmont's Got Talent 2009
MC for Night Rallies, Prom Fashion Show
ASB Videographer (commercials for events for morning announcements)
Next year's school newspaper editor (3 total editors)
Next year's Interact Club President
4 years tennis team, 2 years on Varsity
4 years writing for the school paper, 3 years on staff
1 AP, 1 honors in Sophomore year
2 AP, 1 honors in Junior year
3 AP in Senior year
3 years on School Site Council
2 albums released to iTunes
Selected by principal to represent my school on a panel to help select next year's principal
Played in multiple bands with over 40 performances, play multiple instruments (mainly drums, which I've played for about 4-5 years now)
HOBY NorCal Delegate (leadership camp)
Boys' State Delegate (state-wide, well-known leadership camp)
ELC Delegate (Rotary Enterprise Leadership Conference)</p>

<p>And all of my required courses are complete -- I'm in Traditional Photography now, I'm taking my 2nd year of P.E. next year (had to skip it as a Sophomore to have space for Journalism, which is the newspaper staff).</p>

<p>*Note: All 3 of the above camps (HOBY, Boys', ELC) accept only 1-3 students from each school for the program.</p>

<p>So, no, I'm no genius, but I'm sort of hoping my extracurriculars are strong enough to have readers consider me as a top-notch kid when I apply. What do you all think? Thanks!</p>

<p>Hmm you don't really have any matches on here. Maybe if you're in-state for UCLA. The albums released on iTunes is definetly interesting and impressive, i think if you got your SATs up 100 points overall your chance would go up significantly.</p>

<p>What do you mean by matches?
I am in-state</p>

<p>is bumping allowed on this site?
If not I'll stop but if so

<p>Your SAT score is too low to yield even a decent chance at the most selective schools.</p>

<p>Despite the extracurricular?
I've seen people with 1800's get into Berkeley and UCLA..
What should my SATs be?</p>

<p>oh & keep in mind my school is not very competitive which means that assuming UCLA typically accepts about 5 top-notch people from most high schools, my chances are pretty good cause nobody in my grade can match my extracurricular, even if their grades and SATs are better.</p>

<p>I know I need to bring up my SAT IIs especially that horrid Math 2 but what about the SAT I? I do plan to retake it but what should I be shooting for?</p>

<p>Focus on your SATI more but math satII needs attention, too.</p>

<p>Overall, I think you have a pretty good chance at UCLA especially with your EC's</p>

<p>where should my SAT I be? And any tips on how to improve it from 1930? That 1930 was with very minimal studying</p>

<p>When I said "most selective schools," I wasn't referring to the UCs. </p>

where should my SAT I be?


<p>2100 is a good goal to have if you want to be a competitive applicant; but the higher your score, the better.</p>

And any tips on how to improve it from 1930?


<p>Buy the Official SAT Study Guide and do the tests, making suring to read the official solutions online.</p>

<p>Your goal should be at least the average for a school--2050 for the top UCs and over 2200 for consideration at Yale and Columbia. You need the stats before the ECs matter unless you're Emma Watson.</p>

<p>No amount of extracurriculars can make up for that kind of SAT score.</p>

<p>You have a chance at UC Davis, Definitely not Yale or Columbia. I would say your longshot would be UCLA or USC, by the way don't waste your money applying to Yale or Columbia unless you get SATs up. Your fallback would be Davis.</p>

<p>I don't chance because I would be entirely inaccurate and chancing is just a guess to begin with.</p>

<p>But I would like to say that your extracurriculars leave me with the impression that you're an involved and interesting kid, so I would agree that they're an asset for you.</p>

<p>Don't freak out over the SAT, but you might as well retake. You still have enough room that improvement is likely, and if nothing else you'll probably boost your superscore a bit.</p>

<p>And call me crazy but I highly highly doubt they'll throw your application away the second they see the scores. That being said, if you can boost your score a bit - at least to the average for the schools - that would help your case.</p>

<p>so basically the consensus is that if my SAT scores were 2030 or higher, I'd have really good chances at most of the schools I've listed (not counting what I've cited as longshots)</p>

<p>I don't expect to get into Yale or Columbia -- I just mean that I'd apply just to see what happens. I'd rather do that than live thinking "what if"?</p>

<p>silverturtle, ah okay, I thought you meant the UCs, that confused me. 2150 was sort of my goal, but if I took it again and got 2030 I'd be happy with it. TONS of my friends this year got into UCLA/Berkeley/UCSD with around a 2030.</p>

<p>cornetking, so if my SAT were higher then what? :P</p>

<p>Dylandlima, Davis automatically accepts ELC students, correct? I don't chance at Davis, I shoe in. I'm top 3.7%. As for USC, a friend of mine from Class of 2009 got in with a 3.9, 2000 SAT, and almost no extracurriculars. Acceptances to privates seem a little more contingent upon essays and interviews than UCs though.</p>

<p>Luca, I would hope they wouldn't just toss aside applications immediately upon seeing the scores :P</p>

<p>Look I don't get stuff like this.
I am top 5%, GPA of 3.7. (weighted),
I am not a slacker though. My SAT is higher than 2370 * won't mention the exact score due to privacy.</p>

<p>How is this possible? I am not a slacker!</p>

<p>OP: you worked very hard. best of luck to you</p>

I don't expect to get into Yale or Columbia -- I just mean that I'd apply just to see what happens. I'd rather do that than live thinking "what if"?


<p>Yale and Columbia are impossible with a 3.81/1930/600+540. You'd just be throwing money into the water.</p>

<p>lebronjames, SAT is a reasoning test. Perhaps you are really smart on a logical level and on a retaining-old-information level, but you are at a very competitive school or something of that nature.</p>

<p>AnAsianStudent, I'd rather spend the money and get rejected as opposed to not spend money and potentially live forever thinking "WHO KNOWS"</p>