I'm a junior. Chances/what schools should I be thinking about?

<p>My stats:</p>

<p>Female, Caucasian
State: Michigan
School: 1,250 students, not very competitive or well known to top schools
GPA: 3.7 UW; includes one C junior year in a mildly easy class. No weighted GPAs provided by school.
No SAT or ACT scores yet
Class Rank: Not provided by school</p>

<p>Work Experience:
-200 hours at a local bagel factory so far (just started working this summer; will have more by the time I apply.)
-Internship with a university which will be built sometime within the next few years. The school plans to run itself based around the idea of a multidisciplinary education. Not sure how the idea of working to create a college will go over with other colleges.</p>

<p>Volunteer Experience:
-Work with kids with special needs every week. I only have around 20 hours officially documented, but I feel very strongly about it and have done it since middle school.
-Attended a summer program on volunteering/social activism. Interesting focus on homelessness that changed my perspective on how society works. 40 hours.</p>

<p>APs: USH (4); taking Lang and World this year. Also self-studying European History and Music Theory (took class, but it was only one trimester; our school doesn't offer it at the AP level.)
Senior year course load will include AP Stats, AP Lit, and AP Chem.</p>

Not going to bother laundry-listing. If I include 12, I'm planning on doing it next year.</p>

<p>-Model U.N. (Secretary; aiming for President/Vice President next year) (9, 10, 11, 12)
-School Musical (Pit Orchestra 9, 10, 12; Stage Crew 11)
-Jazz Band (9, 10, 11, 12)
-NHS (11, 12)
-All-District Honors Band (11, 12)
-Swim Team (10; may or may not include on app)</p>

-I learned French on my own because I couldn't fit it into my schedule. I take Spanish in school.
-I've been editing a good friend's book since the seventh grade. I go through a draft every year and commit an estimated 35-40 hours per draft. I may write an essay on this, but if not, it's not going on my app. The final draft will be going out for publication soon; wish us luck!</p>

<p>I'm definitely applying to University of Chicago, but I'm not sure if getting in is a possibility. My cousin goes there; I guess that could qualify as a hook. If anyone wants to chance me for that as my app currently stands, I'd appreciate it.
Since I still have a year to work everything else, where else does CC think I should apply? What should I do this year to improve my app?</p>

<p>If anyone tries to chance you, don't believe them. Without a rank to put your 3.7 into context ( it doesn't need to be official but we need a sense of where you stand) and a score, no one can tell you a thing other than having a cousin at a school is not a hook.</p>