I'm About To Write a Thank You Note To the Guy Who Interviewed Me...

<p>I was wondering what it should say?</p>


<p>thank you...</p>

<p>DeeR Mr Admissions guy:</p>

<p>I am totally interested in going to your school and all. It's like awesome and stuff. Thanks for the interview, dude. I hopes to be there next year. I know I can throw some mad keggers, and hopefully pick up lots of hot chicks too. So, accept me, cuz I'm cool.</p>


<p>ok, thanks guys! Hoo_29, I just copy pasted your suggestion. It'll look weird if i cite it in the thnak you note so is it ok if I use it?</p>


<p>Hoo spelled "DeeR" wrong, so make sure you fix that. But the rest looks good.</p>

<p>Are You Guys Serious??</p>

<p>looks good.</p>

<p>lol...cmon now..dont brown nose! let us have some chances too! lol</p>

<p>Make Sure You Capitalize Every Word, It Makes It Sound More Official</p>

<p>"If I get in, thanks. If I don't, I know where you sleep..."</p>

<p>Seriously, a horror film about a disgruntled evil genius who's kept out of Harvard by a bad interview. The student comes back for revenge, muwahahahahah! It's Halloween, sue me.</p>