I'm an international student, I want to go to GS.


<p>It has been my dream to go to Columbia for a while now, I understand that my only "path" is the GS "path"...
The reason I will go to GS is that I served in the IDF for 3 years, I think that qualifies me as a "non traditional" student.
I read alot in the last month about school in the US and especially in columbia, the main reason I chose columbia is that I wanted to live in the world capital ; NYC.
Columbia is one of the best schools in the world and this GS program is just a match made from heaven for me.
My plan is to move to new york on Feb, then I my object will be the fall admissions. By the time the admission date comes(I will have about 6 months to prepare) I will hopefully find myself an apartment, I'll finish my essay and my TOFEL,GSAE tests.
I also want to establish myself and get used to NYC.
I have some Q's, I hope you could clear them out for me:</p>

<p>1.From what I understand it is fairly easy for an international student to get admitted if I will not apply for financial aid.
Will I really stand a much better chance if I won't apply for a scholarship/financial aid?
2.The only thing that scares me is the intense study needed, I will really appreciate it if someone could explain to me how much school work there is exactly?
3.If I'll take a private loan will it be considered a financial aid?
4.Is being a member of school athletic team gives any benefits?
5.I think I'll do the GSAE because from what I understand its easier from the SAT, could anyone verify that? anyone knows where could I get a recent test so I could know what does the test includes?</p>

<p>Thats it for now.. Thank you so much.</p>

<p>BTW if any one here knows or is a israeli who went to study in GS and could be an adviser for me?
I will be much obliged...</p>


<p>Try posting on the parent's forum. They have lots of good information to offer and can tell you more about the GSAE. You might also want to post on the international forum. Good luck.</p>

<p>You can also search for other GS threads on this forum and then pm current or recent students. I think everyone is busy at school now!</p>

Thanks guys,
I'll do that.</p>

<p>The only questions I can answer for you are numbers 2 and 5, since I know absolutely nothing about international student financial aid or sports. </p>

<p>As far as workload goes: it’s a lot, it wouldn’t be Columbia if it wasn’t. This week I have two 4-5 page papers due on Friday, a write-up (450-500 words, average) for University Writing due every class meeting, a couple of plays (and related readings/ chapters) to read for a literature class, and an entire book to read and response to write for a sociology class. Again, that’s one week. Sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s more. As far as final work goes, I have no in class finals, everything is either take-home or a paper. Think of that what you will. </p>

<p>The GSAE is the easiest thing ever. Seriously, if you can write a coherent sentence you can pass the GSAE with flying colors. You won’t find a test online, just get an SAT study book and read through their reading comprehension/ writing sections.</p>

<p>That really sound alot! I have some Q's for you if you won't mind:</p>

<p>1.How do you pay your tuition?
2.Do you know any israelis that go to Columbia GS? I would really like to get in touch with somone like that...
3.Can you please email/send me your essay that got you in Columbia? I never seen one... lol</p>

<p>Thanks Dot,</p>


<p>Sorry. Most of my GS friends are Arab. HTH.</p>

<p>Yes thank you, I assume it was ment to be a jeer...Better luck next time.</p>

<p>WindowShopping - please keep your uncalledfor remarks to yourself. They are neither witty, clever nor funny....</p>

<p>I wasn't kidding, nor was I trying to be witty/funny or even melodramatic. My best friends out of GS are Arab. My best friends out of CC are mostly Jewish. Take that for what it's worth.</p>

<p>It does sadden me to see self-righteous parents trolling this board though.</p>


<p>1) Windowshopping is a jew.
2) He's hilarious
3) People ought to take sheit less seriously around here, and he's leading the charge.</p>

<p>Did you think that someone who has served in the IDF for 3 years would think your remark was funny or clever?</p>

<p>I'm Israeli-American and going to Columbia in a year...
I'm still in the IDF and getting out soon.
Good Choice, It's a great school for Israelis. I have a great advisor that has helped me out a lot.</p>

<p>Btw, that wasn't funny but it wasn't nasty easier. It was just a weird remark. If you let every little comment bother you, you won't be able to make it.</p>

<p>"My best friends out of GS are Arab. My best friends out of CC are mostly Jewish. Take that for what it's worth."</p>

<p>Doesn't this just mean your Arab friends are returning to their education after some interruption while your Jewish friends are continuing straight out of high school?</p>

<p>well, I think it also speaks to the comparative composition of the student bodies, but it means that somewhat too.</p>

"My best friends out of GS are Arab. My best friends out of CC are mostly Jewish. Take that for what it's worth."


<p>I hardly knew any GS students, so I can't speak to their demographics. I didn't know that many Arab CC students. However, SEAS has a relatively high number of Arab students (as they do Jewish students).</p>

<p>Dude, Arab is not spposed to be synonymous to anti-semitic or whatever. Please, saying that you have Arab friends is not offensive. At least, it should't be seen as an offense.</p>

<p>I agree with you, But nevertheless, Do you think he would have made the same comment if I said that I'm from France?
The only reason he mentioned it was because I said that I'm from Israel...</p>

<p>Assuming that HTH means 'hope that helps', I would say no. But anyway, if he wants to 'funny' he should do it. It's not really meant to be offensive, but there isn't any need to bring the whole arabs vs. Israeli thing up, either.</p>