i'm straight thuggin.

<p>ok, i lied. i'm not a thug. but i WOULD appreciate it if you let me know what you thought my chances were for USC admissions... and if i had a shot at a scholarship, if accepted. thanks so much!!!</p>

10/2002-03/2005 Kumon Math and Reading Center (Pleasanton, California)
4 hrs/week, tutor
03/2005-present Coldstone Creamery (Pleasanton, California)
average 15hrs/week, shift manager</p>

9th-12th Contra Costa Children’s Chorus 5 hrs/week
11th-12th Contra Costa Children’s Honors Ensemble 2 hrs/week
10th-11th Prom Committee 1 hr/week
10th Sophomore Class Vice President 2 hrs/week
11th Cornerstone Church Youth Leadership 1 hr/week
11th Junior Class Historian 3 hrs/week
12th Senior Class President 5 hrs/week</p>

9th Bronze Awards for academic achievement in: Modern World History, Spanish II, Honors Geometry, Bible I
• (A bronze award is awarded once each year and is given to a student who has earned a 94% in his/her respective class for the first three quarters of the school year.)
11th Gold Awards for academic achievement in: AP US History, Honors PreCalculus
• (A gold award is awarded once each year and is given to the student with the highest grade in a subject.)
11th National Consortium of Rare Lung Diseases, Invited Speaker
11th-12th National Honor Society (NHS) Member
12th National Merit Commended Scholar</p>

10th Traveled Spain with NETC’s Educational Outreach Program
11th Traveled to Washington, D.C. with Close-Up Program
11th Toured Italy with Contra Costa Children’s Chorus
performed at various venues across Italy, including the Vatican</p>

<p>GPA:3.9 (cumulative unweighted), 4.0 (10th and 11th unweighted), 4.3 (10th and 11th weighted)</p>

<p>RANK: 8/75</p>

<p>SCORES: SAT: 2280 SAT 2: 760 (Math2), 730 (Lit), 710 (US History)</p>

<p>about the sick lung: i was diagnosed with a rare (and sometimes fatal) lung disease called Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis in Fall 2004... of course i made sure to slip that into all of my essays (overcoming obstacles, perseverence, etc etc)</p>

<p>USC - probably accepted. Don't know enough about USC's scholarship program to comment on the chance for a scholarship though.</p>