Importance of midyear grades for Ivies?

<p>I had a 3.96 UW prior to a getting a B+ for a MP and two B's on midterms (rest were A's, the B's were in APs) Will this matter at all, or how much will it matter?</p>

<p>EDIT: I have two B+ from soph year, junior was all A's but only 2 APs v 5 this year.</p>

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<p>Hey it's you. It's my understanding that the importance varies. The main purpose of the report is to make sure that you're maintaining your academic preformance from previous years. It's not as important as your soph+junior grades in terms determining your academic profile, but they don't want to see you slacking off too much. In your case, 1 B+ would not raise any flags. You still have mostly As so this will certainly not be the reason in the case of rejection.</p>

<p>Do they bother recalculating GPA from them? Does common app shows each marking period and midterm, or just the average per class?</p>