Important Question Regarding Sats Plz Help!!

<p>i recently retook the SATs in October and my score went down from 1940 to 1740, a 200 point drop. I want to apply within the UC system. does this affect my chances? i was told that UCs only take the highest score and not the most recent. is this true? thanks in advance for any help!</p>

<p>can anyone tell me plz?</p>

<p>i think a lot of ppl want an answer to this question but not just for the uc system. this calls for captain bump</p>

<p>ok then CAPTAIN BUMP =D</p>

<p>All available scores will be sent, including those from previous test administrations. We send a cumulative report of all scores that are available and reportable at the time your request is received. You cannot send only your latest or highest SAT scores, or separate scores for critical reading, mathematics, or writing sections, or only SAT, or only Subject Test scores.</p>

<p>The rest rests upon admission officers of the UC :)</p>