Important Question

<p>Do college admissions officers prowl CC? (B/c if they did, they would be able to see many secrets and weaknesses that CCers post on CC but not on their application, since people are more likely to divulge their weaknesses on CC).</p>

<p>Some do. U of C is on, MIT adcoms are on the site. I don't know if they actually browse the forums. I think you have to come to them.</p>

<p>Although admissions officers are busy, I'm sure that some do check out forums here. In addition, alumni interviewers like me are on the forums. I actually ended up interviewing someone whom I'd initially "met" on CC. To my knowledge, he never realized he had met me here. I knew who he was because he had put his first name and last name in his profile, something one could do in CC's earlier days. He also put his city.</p>